Energy Impacts Inner Clarity

Inner Clarity is always important, but this year inner clutter will be extremely visible. To make navigating that easier for you – here’s the head’s up I was given.

Adjusting To The Energy of 2019

To be honest I wasn’t aware I’d been preparing for the last 2 years. I only knew my training was on fast-forward, my skills were being honed at supersonic speed, and I was guided to prepare as much material as I could. Perhaps you too, were preparing and weren’t aware?

The three powerful energies of 2019 are: EmpowermentClarity, & Openness.

Sure they’re positive, full of love, and most importantly are guiding humanity forward. However, how do human beings process that kind of energy? That’s where it gets complicated!

Empowerment brings disillusionment to the surface for releasing.
Clarity allows inner clutter to be revealed for healing.
Openness for new and better pathways will cut through long-standing chaos.

Does that make you feel snow-globed? Like I took you, turned you upside down and shook you up.

Truth will be presented. Front and center.

Yep, that’s the translation. And based on last year, people have a hard time when Truth is front and center. Ironically, the more positive energy that’s present – the easier it is to heal.

For example, think of a spotlight illuminating the back corner of a closet. What do you find? Dust covered clutter. Lots of it! Stuff you had no idea was hidden is discovered. In other words, blindspots are revealed!

And that’s when you can do something about it. Until you’re aware of what’s been buried you can’t create any improvement. Instead, you’ll be weighed down wondering why it’s so difficult to move forward.

Ready for some straight-up Truth?

How do you know it’s time to declutter your inner realm? Your clues are emotional triggers, conflicts, and negative situations. Because blindspots are revealed as if the junk in your trunk is out in the open.

You get a choice about what how to handle it. Here’s a few suggestions that are much healthier options than denial.

  1. Symptoms cannot be solved, so problems need to be identified. When you’re stuck it’s a clue you haven’t identified the real problem and you’re trying to solve a symptom. How do we know? Because if you actually identified the problem, you would’ve solved it by now.
  2. What’s going on inside yourself that feels negative or ugly is important. Now you have clues about the inner areas where healing, empowerment, and self-accountability are required.
  3. The truest You is hidden beneath layers of garbage, you’re so used to carrying around it’s become normalized. So addressing your inner landscape is the essential key to freeing yourself. After all it’s buried inside.

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