Instill Fun, Play & Joy Into The Actions You Take

New IdeasWhen you fail to take action on your own behalf, you fail to move forward.

But you do not necessarily need to call yourself a failure or define yourself based on a temporary or singular choice or decision.

Open room and space in your heart to allow a new idea – by tweaking your choices and decisions you can include more joy for yourself and those around you. When it comes to letting in the good stuff, typically most people create limitations and struggle with being both open and receptive to accepting the joy that is associated with accomplishment.

Receiving something you wanted, or strived for is an accomplishment. Be sure to feel the full joy of the reward, without punishing yourself for the length of time or the learning that occurred on the way. The process is vital and was vital to your achievement. Accepting it will enhance the joy you experience along the way.

Tool to Practice:
For this exercise, Joy means letting in the fun, play and excitement of achievement -for today.

Only for today. When you observe where you are and where you are headed – Look for the tiny steps of action that you are taking and how you are both learning and moving from taking those actions.

Getting ThereDO NOT focus on the result or the pitfalls or obstacles that present themselves because you are moving forward. When you have been still, or in a place for a long while, any change will always present the obstacles in your way. Precisely because they are no longer needed. This is a great time to allow compassion for yourself and your learning process.

Then, make a conscious effort to instill fun, play and excitement into the actions you are taking. This will infuse your process with the benefits you think can only occur when you reach the end goal.

We, however, suggest that you consider HOW you get there is as important as where you arrive. Sometimes it takes longer to get there than you expect, but that can be part of the fun, if you allow room for that possibility and let the joy in.

Infuse the fun, the play, the laughter and the joy – simply because you can!