January 2012 – Anchoring More Love on Earth

It is with great honor we address you this month. Each of you has traveled a path that has never before been traveled these last months. There were some very turbulent waves we witnessed traversing the earth realm allowing for a very powerful and potent release as you began to embrace this new year. Think of this time as entering into a new century, for in truth in so many ways that is what has already been occurring.


We see that as you embark on this new year, many are ready for new journeys forward and this is grand indeed. For the energies of this month are very potent for dreaming, expanding your thinking and traveling into uncharted waters to begin to ask for more for yourselves.


No thing on the earth realm is the same, nor will it be as this year continues, for you are crossing the threshold into the Golden Age and it is already a remarkable time to be on planet earth. We ask that as light bearers, light holders, and loving earth angels that you take at least 30 seconds a day to surround your dear Mother Earth with the energy of your love. Imagine yourself connected to the Creator Light allowing that light to pass through your human heart, so that it is embedded with your love and then wrapping itself around the globe. This will begin to usher in the anchoring waves that are needed for the light energies that are being sent to earth daily.


You see the energy needs to be accepted, received and then ever so gently, lovingly and tenderly grounded into and onto the earth. It’s arrival is only one piece of the puzzle. It is with deepest joy, gratitude and love that we thank you for assisting us in this process.
And so it is!