July 2012 – Self-Appreciation

We are aware our message last month may have felt somewhat harsh to many of you, however we watched as you worked more diligently to be kinder to you and that was our intention. To increase the amount of Self-Love and Self-Care you are willing to give to you.

We see so many people question why they cannot have what they want and it all stems from what the self will allow for the self. We cannot ever emphasize this enough! No matter how far you have traveled on your journey there is and will always be more love possible to receive and to give. It is something you can only know as you surpass each self-imposed hurdle.

Think on this a moment. How did you learn to love you? How did you learn to appreciate you? How did you learn to question who you are? It is these questions indeed that can begin to open up entirely new areas of thought and emotion that until now have been undiscovered. With each layer of insight and understanding more becomes possible to understand.

Our beautiful technique for this month we offer you to implement, is to observe specifically the way you are currently appreciating you. This is the root, that much like a feather with the stem bring with it each of the individual fibers to add to the beauty that you are.

Each day observe 2 ways you appreciated you and at the end of the day, write them down. At the end of 3 days, begin to notice as well the ways that other people are appreciating you. We wish you to experiment and test for yourself to see if indeed you experience a correlation between the two. We believe there is, but that is not enough to alter YOUR life, so please experiment and see what YOU observe! Enjoy!

And so it is!