June 2012 – Changing Inner Speak

At this time we are plagued by what we observe as self-destructive behaviour. For many people, we see that it is second nature to berate the self, to withhold praise for the self and most importantly to demand more than is possible or feasible from the self. We wish at this time for you to delve into that auto-pilot aspect of self that is the mind, so you can begin to see a light within that has long remained dimmed by your own hand, voice and self.


This is no small task indeed, for it requires listening to the self, it demands a change in the way you are presently living life. And Dearest Ones, with the deepest love and respect, we must adamantly reinforce that there is not one amoung you who is not at this time participating in the behaviours of which we speak.


Simply choose one time a day to pay attention to those words that are being spoken to the self, the mindless chatter that is so incessantly speaking to you at all times. Plucking one will allow space and room to pluck a second, a third and then slowly allow you to create a change that will alter the way you treat you, the way you accept others, and most importantly the way you allow others to treat you.


It is with deepest Love, Respect and Honour, we thank you for allowing us an audience with you at this time.

And so it is!