Learning How to Trust Myself

Trusting SelfTrust in Oneself Is A Process

You are going to need some extra practice to learn how to trust yourself if your life experiences have taught you to put more faith in the decisions others make for you. In truth, YOU are always the one who knows what is best for you. This can become more obvious when you look to places where you sense a feeling of regret. Most people tend to feel regretful of decisions, choices and behaviors that are not in alignment with what they truly wanted for themselves.


Feeling Regret

You will almost always feel a tinge of regret when you trust another person instead of yourself.  How may times have you trusted someone else’s opinion instead of your own and later asked these questions: “Why didn’t I listen to myself?” OR “Why didn’t I trust my gut? OR “Why didn’t I follow my heart?” Unfortunately, there is no going back and regret can’t change anything. Instead, we can chose to see these experiences as learning opportunities.  By learning from our past experience we can begin to forge ahead with new energies of self-trust and self-honor.

Someone else will always be happy to tell you where to go, what to do and how to do it. Living on a planet with 4+ billion people, will always yield those who believe they know better than you or know what is best for you. Instead of asking for their advice, begin to practice a new technique:


Exercise: Learning How to Trust Myself

♥ Begin to notice when you’re following your gut instincts and when you do not.
♥ What happens? Where is the validation of your intuition?
♥ Start to ask yourself – what do I want to do here? What is the outcome I want to achieve? Is this going to get me there?

Usually, you have the answers inside of you and can easily assess situations — the challenge tends to be in asking the wrong questions. Like, “What do you think I should do?”

Here you will always find a rift. No matter how well intentioned someone else is – they are not YOU.

Asking more questions of oneself is a simple start to developing greater self trust.