March 2012 – Only Good Comes To Me

We watch with wonder as so many of you forget the fullness of your ability to choose. Although it is a natural part of your way of life, we see that many can use a teaching on harnessing the fullness of your freedom of choice.


You see Dearest Hearts, though you must make numerous decisions throughout the day there are so many places and spaces that your focus is on what can go wrong, what is wrong or flawed with me and who is going to mess with me today. We wish instead that daily you practice harnessing the fullness of your choice.


Step most fully into the energy, the practice and the belief that only good comes to me. With each time you notice yourself stepping outside of that thought pattern, bringing yourself back to, “What would this situation look like if it were only good? If I could choose the outcome what would I want?”


Here is where so much of your focus goes astray, it is not wrong, only that you need a most loving reminder of all that you are capable of. Your focused attention on your desire is the very place that all the elements of the universe are harnessed to bring to you that which you are requesting. Simply be willing at this time to remember to practice aligning all of your inner thoughts with the feeling, idea and belief that only good comes to me.


Take simply one small step each day, one little area that you can focus your energy on what YOU desire the outcome to be and then as you are guided and nudged be willing to take action accordingly. You are all so much more free to choose than you could ever begin to understand.


And so it is!