Mission: Uplift Humanity

Mission: Uplift Humanity

Feeling a bit overwhelmed or overloaded with the energy of chaos running rampant in our world? It’s not surprising, there’s so much going on that tensions are at an all time high.

Back in my days as an elected official, I didn’t talk about my intuitive side. And now with my focus on inner clarity I don’t talk politics. The funny thing is that past experience was vital to get where I am today.

Know what they both have in common? People.

People who feel. Upset. Confused. Frustrated. Uncertain. Angry. Afraid.

I help people because people are the solution. 

For any change to happen, people have to change. Organizations, such as companies, businesses and even the government are all run by people. Families are groups of people. Individuals are people. At every level people are having an impact. But that doesn’t translate into people understanding their impact, how they’re leading or what’s being set in motion.

Ironically, every person is leading in some way. It’s unfamiliar to think of everyday life experiences as leadership opportunities – like being a parent or grandparent, a friend, or even helping a stranger. Yet, each time you take charge or make a choice, you’re leading in some way.

Everything you do is having an impact.

The Individual

I train people to have inner clarity because what’s going on inside is having an impact. When clutter – mental chatter, emotional baggage or energetic debris – is in the way, it hurts. Not just your Self but people you love are inadvertently impacted. When you’re emotionally triggered a ripple effect is set in motion that doesn’t match the wisdom of your soul or the purity of your heart.

Did you know?

  • Emotional Triggers are clues from your soul’s inner wisdom that it’s time to declutter
  • Negative feelings are essential guideposts routing directly to the root of painful inner blindspots

Inner clutter blocks clarity which impacts relationships, happiness, and creates clogs to accessing your Soul’s Wisdom. So you won’t understand what your Soul’s Purpose is.

If you’re ready for tools, education and experiences to declutter, check out my Event Calendar. Learn about Private Coaching. My services are custom-tailored for those in attendance so you’ll always get what you need.

The World

Since I was born with access to wisdom far beyond my human comprehension – I’m a visionary who sees the world from a very unique perspective. I envision:

A world where ALL people are respected, valued and treated with dignity. Where we live in harmony, honoring the essential one-of-a-kind talent that each person has to share for the betterment of us ALL.

To me this isn’t a dream or fantasy, it’s a current trajectory that’s totally possible. It’s humanity’s optimal timeline. Optimal is a word most people aren’t familiar with. Mediocre. Status quo. Okay. Fine. Are more common.

My visionary ability is always aiming in the direction of a win-win-win paradigm – win #1 for Self, win #2 for Others, win #3 World. Because our individual actions and behaviors ripple out impacting far beyond Self. So you’ll often hear me say, “The seeds you S.O.W. are your contribution. Make it a good one!”

Help Establish A Better Tomorrow Today

It’s gonna take a collective effort of people willing to break out of the status quo. Gaining clarity about your individual impact, understanding of your Soul’s purpose and clearing out inner clutter to become a role model and leader for a better way.  That essential knowledge inside you can’t stay buried.

I’m spear-heading the creation of a force for pure good that’s willing to take a stand for the best in humanity. Not just because of tragedy when our hearts are torn to pieces and the best in people shines. I’m talking about a collective effort to restore the humanity of humanity. Uplifting humanity with a force that’s positive, powerful and honors the sacredness of all sentient beings. It begins with Self and ripples out from there.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do, join my team as we embark on a bold mission to create a better tomorrow today!

One Person Does Make A Difference
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Watch this video to learn more. Then, go here for a short instructional video to get started. Or download the PDF: Prayer to restore humanity of humanity