Moving Forward…

Moving Forward

No matter how much self-exploration or personal growth we participate in, each time we move forward we will always discover the obstacles still in our way.

How often has the garbage truck gone down your street and collected the trash while you were going about your daily routine at home? You may not have even noticed it was there – yet… The moment you want to leave your home, or you decide to take a nap – the garbage truck is now in your way – it’s either blocking your driveway or the street or making so much noise there’s no way you can have a peaceful rest. As long as we remain where we are, those very same obstacles aren’t bothering us, but the moment we chose to move forward, they are now blocking us.

The energies of 2014 are inviting us to move forward into unknown territory which means, at times, we need to remove the obstacles in our way. The first step is aligning with who you want to be and how you want to experience life. Only by answering these important questions will you be able to open the doorway to receive and accept that new pathway.

Allow yourself to answer these questions:
♥ Who do I choose to be?
♥ How do I choose to experience life?

These questions will lovingly guide you to make changes that will help get you there. Because they will provide you with awareness of your current situation. This may not always feel easy to see, but it is the first step needed to take the next.

My goal is to be the best me I can be, to reach my full potential. Every step of the way, I learn there is always more. I have discovered my own growth is an on-going and continual process – one I am very passionate about. Being human is an exciting adventure, when we allow ourselves to be the full spiritual human beings we are.

For myself, I’ve always been grateful for the Unearthing U™ tools and techniques from The Guides because they opened my mind to see the thoughts and negative emotional charges that kept me recreating old patterns that were no longer serving me. With that blank slate, I was able to delve more deeply into my natural intuitive abilities to expand who I am capable of being.

After all, it was my own life experiences with cancer, past relationship problems and lack of understanding the extent of my intuitive abilities that opened the doorway to receive all the teachings for our classes.

Our Unearthing U™ program altered my life in the most profound ways and has continued to do so for many others. If you are ready to powerfully move forward and have yet to take our 12-week Unearthing U™ Series – now is the time to do so! We have what I consider a 2.0 version – it is amplified, cohesive and more profound than ever! Discover who you’ve never been so you can finally see who you really are!

Now I am very excited to introduce you to Mark Szep — our new Unearthing U™ facilitator — who brings with him years of training, including extensive Unearthing U™ training with me and The Guides, and first-hand experience with unearthing and its life transforming benefits. His natural intuitive abilities and his own spirit guidance make him an asset. He also adds a sense of consistency and the ability to create step-by-step processes that enhance The Guides’ curriculum — creating an even more powerful life transforming series. Mark has written the below guest blog post discussing some of the challenges and fears we face when beginning a journey of self-discovery.

With Deepest Love and Gratitude,



Look & Ye Shall Find – But How Am I Going to Get There & What Am I Going to Find?

In order to start any journey of self-exploration you must have one key element: willingness — a willingness to travel the road not yet taken and a willingness to discover whatever may lie at the end of that road. Unfortunately, an overwhelming fear of the road itself and what may be at the end of that road prevents us from ever getting started. Fear overtakes and obliterates any ounce of willingness. This keeps us stuck where we are — immobile and often paralyzed.

Action we do take often leads to a U-turn that brings us right back to start without ever passing go or collecting our $200. Ever said, “This again,” “Why does this keep coming up?” or “Why does this keep happening to me?” Each of these questions is symbolic of a giant U-turn on the road of life. May not feel good in the moment, but the U-turn is actually a gift — it presents and represents an opportunity to choose differently.

 “Hello there. I’m your spiritual GPS system. I know you want to go right – but this left turn is here for you whenever you want it. No? Sure? Ok. Turn right. Don’t worry there’s another U-turn up ahead.”

Turning LeftWe may try to change this behavior by sheer force of will – “Today I’m turning left! Today I’m turning left!! I’m turning left!!!” – right before we turn right again. If it was as simple as changing our behavior by will alone there wouldn’t be this enormous fear attached to it. Logical thinking would tell us if right isn’t right – go left. Doesn’t seem to work that way though, does it?

The right turn represents the road we are comfortable with, it feels normal, the path always travelled — familiar. But does feeling familiar equate with feeling good? Probably not, but is there any other way, any other possibilities? Therein lies the rub. We cannot answer that question “in truth” until we muster the willingness to travel the path not yet taken — the left turn.

So in order to move through this energy of fear let’s start by looking at what causes the fear in the first place.

The Road

In my own experience and having worked with others, I’ve learned that fear of the road usually stems from feeling – “It’s too tough,” “It’s overwhelming,” “I can’t handle this, “It’s too much, “I don’t want to feel that,” or “I don’t want to re-live that.” You could whittle these down to one or two core feelings – It’s too painful, it hurts too much.

All of these feelings feed off each other and grow exponentially until they obscure the entire picture of a road. They eventually represent the road instead of the road being just that – a road — defined by Ms. Merriam-Webster as a route or way to an end. Nothing more, nothing less.

But the emotions and pain of our past are powerful – they are part of the path we travel often – they are the guard rails along the right turn we continually make. As long as you keep your eyes focused narrowly in front of you and keep racing forward you’ll be fine. Just keep going and going and going. Look too far right, left or behind you and boom – you hit a guardrail – you run head-on into pain.

We may try to ignore that our pain exists, but it’s there – the giant elephant in the room. We think we hide it well, but we’re wearing it on our sleeve. The majority may not see it – but that’s because they’re too busy hiding their own pain. And yes, it’s on their sleeve too. We’re all the same.

Honor Your PainSo how do we separate these out? The answer partially lies in honoring our pain and giving it voice. No longer denying it or pretending it doesn’t exist. A child continues to fear the monster in the closet until a parent turns the lights on, opens the door and shows them… there’s no monster… just shirts, pants, shoes and sneakers. But if the light of truth is never switched on and that door never opens – all there can be is a monster named fear.

Honoring our pain and giving it voice, however, doesn’t mean that we only focus on it, or that we need to re-live it over and over again. If I burn my hand, it causes pain. I will remember that pain. It’s programmed into my DNA to remember that pain – it’s a genetic survival mechanism. I don’t need to keep burning my hand so I am reminded of what it felt like. Life is similar. I remember what the painful moments in my life felt like. I don’t need to keep re-experiencing them to remind myself how painful painful can be. That is not self-discovery… it’s self-punishment.

Focusing only on the emotions and feelings of the pain can lead to a downward spiral – the dark hole. None of us want to be there. Rationality and rational thinking no longer exist there. All we need to do is to acknowledge it, give it voice and honor it… not dwell on it. And yet, even that dark hole – often referred to as the dark night of the soul – can be a gift, another opportunity.

“Spiritual GPS here. So this U-turn thing isn’t working. You’re still going right. So let’s try a giant pot-hole. Ok, so that pot-hole wasn’t big enough. How about this one? No? Ok…”

I can hear you. I thought the same thing. This feels like a punishment. U-turns and pot-holes. Who wants that? No one. You’re right – they don’t feel “pleasant.” They’re frustrating, aggravating and can even do harm. As before, when we focus only on the pain then we rob ourselves of the chance to see them as anything but pain and punishment – not the route to a destination – a means to an end. So what’s the end? The end is the opportunity to chose differently – take appropriate action – another chance to turn left.

So take me and my burnt hand example. If I didn’t feel pain when my hand was burned, how would I know I needed treatment? An ice cube, run it under cold water, or in some cases medical help. I wouldn’t. The pain alerts me to a problem that needs to be addressed. With that awareness I can move forward and take necessary action to heal the burn – heal the wound. Otherwise, the burn could fester, become infected and in the end I could lose that hand. Talk about not wanting something. I like my hand. I don’t want to lose it. Might be an extreme example, but is it really?

Answers Are Within YouSo if focusing exclusively on our behavior doesn’t create the change we desire and focusing only on our pain doesn’t either, what’s left? The answer can be simple… our thinking, our beliefs, our internal hard drive and the programming downloaded to that hard drive. Going back to source – the source of our thoughts, actions, feelings and emotions. The answer isn’t out there, outside of yourself. It’s been inside you this entire time – you just never knew it… you were too afraid to look.

The result of all this explanation is this: the road is nothing more than a route to your thinking and to your beliefs – the unconscious programming running in the background – dictating what you align yourself with and experience in your life. It’s not about the pain experienced along the way, or the frustration of always making right turns. The key is becoming aware of why when faced with a right turn and a left turn, you always choose the right when you really want the left. It’s simple, but empowering. Being aware of the ‘why’ allows you to decide if these beliefs are actually serving you. Are they in alignment with the truth of life and the truth of who you really are? If not, then it’s time to unearth the truth about you and life. Uncovering what you actually believe and releasing what no longer serves you, gives you the power to make that left turn. To travel the road less travelled and discover what lies there for you.

This leads us to the topic of a future post:

End of the Road

Well “The End” at the end of the road that is… and what we will actually discover there… the truth of who you really are.

Until next time.

Love & Light,

Mark Szep & Spirit

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