Mutual Love, Respect and Dignity

Love Respect DignityMutual Love, Respect and Dignity – this is the key for all new forward growth to reap flourishing and fertile rewards. All too often, there is a singular focus on the self or another, on a person or spirit, on the people or the planet. Yet, the only way to create win-win situations and move into a new paradigm is to begin to think in terms of AND, both, mutual, reciprocal. We emphasize this new thought patterning as a key because when you begin to shift focus to both the self and others, you will naturally begin to seek different opportunities, solutions and ideas.

The singular paradigm inevitably perpetuates pain when healing is desired, keeping an old pattern of neglect or abuse continuing without any conscious awareness of this old and out-dated way of thinking. Moving into this new paradigm will also make it easier to open to receiving our ever-present guidance, love and support. As spirit beings from the purest essence and vibration of love, so much of our wise guidance is overlooked because the mind is plagued by limitations, lack and struggle. We wish always to guide and assist, at all times.

Allow yourself to request our loving guidance as you embark on new pathways opening to receive even more for yourselves, and more for each other. The supply of ideas is limitless when you allow yourself to open to spirit wisdom, possibilities and perspective.

So be sure to ask us and ask often! We are always joyously awaiting your call!

And so it is!

With Deepest Love, Admiration and Grace,
We are with you always.