No More Fear Soup

No More Fear Soup

Imagine coming to our house for dinner and we offer you a bowl of tasty fear soup. “It’s yummy and delicious. It’s warm and going to stick to your ribs. Here – try some.”

What would you do?

How would you respond?

If you know us, you would be thinking one of two things:

  1. No thank you Christi and Pete – I don’t choose to eat Fear Soup!
  2. Where are you guys going with this? What is the point? Because you would know we had one.

Learning to Say “NO!” to Fear

When presented with Fear Soup, it is easy to identify fear as something you don’t want to eat. However, when fear is present in life most people do not stop to say “No thank you, I do not choose fear.”

That’s today’s learning opportunity – Learning to Say NO to Fear Soup!

No Thanks To Fear

If you would not ingest it when it’s provided in a bowl, why then would you accept it in other places? Perhaps, because you weren’t identifying it as Fear Soup. The trouble with learning to say no to the Fear Soup is recognizing it is even present. And that means you have to develop stronger internal navigation muscles.

  • What are your personal clues when you are about to jump into the bowl?
  • What is it like once you are in there?
  • Can you get yourself out?

The fail safe technique to get yourself out of the bowl of Fear Soup is always this Truth:

There IS another way. There IS another option. 


Options ExistThe problem is: Fear guides you to only see what you do not want and is preventing you from problem solving.

You must consciously switch gears to remove yourself from fear mode. Get out of it! You can protect yourself. You can harness your energy.

You can develop the authority of yourself and get others on board with you to ensure a better and smoother path ahead. You do not have to be in it alone unless you choose to.

There are over 7 billion people on this planet, we really have to actively choose to be alone and work hard to disassociate from people. Because no matter who you are, there are people like you out there. Instead of working so hard to separate, what if we all worked hard to infiltrate our love, our heart, and our joy into the places where it is needed?

TrailblazerOne of the challenges many people who are drawn to our work face is ridicule, which leads to fear. In fact, it’s a huge fear we see people come up against. Let’s get really honest and authentic – we work with trailblazers, we train leaders, we educate people to be the authority of themselves in a world with people who have been trained to follow.

We are not the norm… yet.

You may feel like the odd ball out – but the truth is – we are the ones who are needed to anchor the positive change that is possible. The more of us that can actively anchor love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance for Self and others, the more it will become the new normal.

When fear is present, the last thing we want to do is feed it. Fear will breed faster than fire – and it can escalate in groups of people like wildfire for sure! So, that means you’ve got to hold strong to your own authority. You need to anchor the love you feel in your heart as deeply as possible so that other people can see it clearly and feel the connection to it. In other words, make it as present as possible, simply because you can.

#Self4World Challenge – Week 7


You are a trailblazer and a leader. Shine and be the authority of yourself.

Practice Exercise:

  • Actively say NO to Fear Soup, notice where fear is present and choose to take action instead.
  • Share your ingenuity, so you can recognize how essential you are!
  • Use your free will to anchor the possibilities for a win-win-win outcome for all because you can. A win for you, a win for others and a win for the world! #URAFORCE

Check out this week’s video on our YouTube Channel! It provides some helpful tips about our differences!

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