October 2012 – Accepting Your Physical Beauty

Behold the beauty that you are! We have been witnessing too many of you are looking at yourselves with eyes of “ugliness” and pointing out distortions you perceive in your physical body. However, we wish to see you instead pointing out areas of perfection. In Truth, the more you are “picking on yourselves” the more you find to “pick on.” If you were to observe a group of children playing together and all were pointing out flaws in each other or themselves, you would feel a sense of sadness at the loss of innocence in the way the children were viewing themselves and each other.


We offer you an opportunity to imagine a small and innocent child, gently cupping your chin, looking very innocently into your eyes and tenderly speaking to tell you of your beauty, your handsomeness in their eyes. Notice how it feels to experience this gentle most loving hand on your chin. Are you able to accept this most natural praise or are you quick to say no?


In this moment, if you found your response was a resounding no, imagine how it would feel to say “thank you” instead. And focus your attention on meaning the gratitude and accepting the compliment.


Then, imagine from the child’s point of view, how does this innocent babe feel hearing you deny what for them is really true? This is one of the ways without intending to that you teach each other not to accept the Love that is given freely. Practice instead pointing out your best traits and looking for more of them. Practice this short visualization so you can accept the compliment and receive more Love in your life.


Thank you again with deepest LOVE, Respect and Admiration for allowing us into your lives and your hearts.


And so it is Dearest Ones!