Open To Receiving By Fulfilling Your Own Needs

In truth, as beings of pure love and light – The Guides, Angels and other Loving Beings who are with us at all times, always want us to feel fulfilled, over flowing with joy, love and open to receiving the vast abundance of our universe.

Why then do we get stuck? Why do we tend to struggle with being open to receiving? Why are we not on the path of fulfillment in the greatest and grandest of ways?


Message from The Masters of Light

Because dearest hearts, you are not aligned with Pure Love for yourselves from yourselves and so you are unwilling to receive that Pure Love from us of the most loving realms. We are with you always, and at all times, to guide, encourage and nudge you forward.


Yet, YOU are the ones who place limitations on how much you “ought to” or “should” be open to receive. As if you could ever be too open and willing to receive! The more you are open and willing to receive, the better you serve as role models not only for possibilities but more importantly for new realities. Not a wish for the future – in a hope or fantasy mentality, but a true example of what is happening right here and now.


To expand upon this openness to receiving from the loving beings like ourselves who are with you always, it is important that you are wiling to fulfill your own needs. Especially, those needs, that all too often you place on the back burner intending to get to later on.
Make it a point to begin to offer the same loving kindness to yourself that we openly have for you. The more you are willing to give it to yourself the more you will open to receiving it from us in the “unseen realms.”  We simply want you to be in a constant state of being open to receive.


The more you fulfill your own needs, the clearer you will become in understanding your wants and being able to fulfill those as well, which will naturally lead to understanding and fulfilling your desires. 


Each step we will always loving guide you forward, but you are the one who must take action. YOU are the one responsible for fulfilling your own needs. As Spirit Beings we always guide, but we are not a physical form to intervene. YOU must be open and willing to fulfill for yourself that which you need so that in turn you are open and willing to receive even more from us.


And so it is!


With deepest Love, Respect and Admiration,
We are with you Always