Opening Your Heart

When Opening Your Heart Feels Like it is Breaking Instead

This week The Guides were very excited to provide a discussion and an exercise on opening our hearts. It has been an important theme lately and a great topic for today’s Tuesday’s Tips.


Why Does My Heart Feel Like It is Breaking?

Sometimes when the heart is opening, or growth and expansion is being experienced, you may feel like your heart is breaking. The release of old pain, wounds and heartache is actually creating space for you to be open to receiving love, support, encouragement and comfort.

At times, because the release of the pain or old emotional wounds is occurring, the mind may want to focus on the negative emotional charge. Using this simple technique can help to make the process of opening your heart feel easier. It does not have to be painful. Typically the reason people feel emotionally charged is because somewhere in the past, they learned to associate love and support, with other experiences that have nothing to do with love or support – like pain, abandonment, or belittling.

Though pain, abandonment and belittling have nothing to do with love or support, when they are experienced together, both the positive and negative aspects can become fused together in your future expectations of support.

Learning a new way is a gift, but also one that requires practice. If you did not learn how to receive pure love and support – the way YOU needed it, you probably don’t know how to give it to yourself the way you need it. ALLOW us to guide, support and assist you. And so it is!


Practice Exercise: Softening the Opening of My Heart

♥ Breathe, and take a few moments to ground and center yourself. Imagine a beautiful golden ray of light, filling, surrounding and anchoring your energy into the earth and connecting you with Source.

♥ Allow this light to fill your heart, and notice how your heart begins to illuminate. The light and its pure love will soften the pain and much like you would use a sponge to wash dishes, allow the light to gently scrub away all that is in the way of the light.

♥ Pause and feel the sense of calm, tranquility and love that is supporting you. Then open to receive the embrace of our wings surrounding you. Fill with our pure love, feel our comfort and encouragement – holding you.


You Deserve Love and Support

Opening to receive our pure love and support for yourself, will open you to receiving love and support from others. What you are willing to give yourself is what you will be willing to receive from others. So allow us to lovingly guide and support you to opening to receive the love and support you need and deserve.

Allow a gentle release of all that no longer serves you, so that you have more room to accept the love, support and comfort that is here for you always!

Continue to practice giving yourself support and accepting it from others. The more you practice giving yourself support, the wider you will open to receiving it from other sources.