Pete’s Background

While I’ve been intuitive my entire life, it wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I was able to recognize and appreciate my abilities. In my younger years I would simply say “my gut feeling is” never knowing that I was tapping into something much grander than I ever knew was possible and even while I had questioned religious beliefs, theories, practices etc. my entire life, my true spiritual “awakening” didn’t start until I reached my thirties.

In the mainstream world, I have been trained in the Health Sciences and have worked in retail pharmacy, hospital laboratories, and the pharmaceutical industry. The path I traveled to get where I am today was certainly filled with its’ share of twists and turns. I was raised in an environment filled with much, anger, negativity, and fear. While most would hear my story and say I’m sorry for what you had to endure, it’s only now after having experienced my spiritual awakening that I know to embrace my past with all its pain because those experiences are what helped me become the person I am today. Through my experiences growing up I have learned the meaning of true compassion for myself and others. I have grown to understand what people truly want out of life. They want to know that they are valued, respected and above all they need to know they are loved for who they are.

I am truly grateful to Spirit for the tools and guidance they provided which allowed me to overcome many of the misperceptions I had about myself and others. By working with Spirit I have transformed my life in ways I never knew were possible. I now embrace my life, I have found my true love, I look forward to the promise of every tomorrow and I continue to grow and expand. I have been blessed in ways too numerous to count.