Pearls of Wisdom - Problem Solving Soul Style

Problem Solving Soul-Style

Problem Solving Soul-Style: Pearls of Wisdom

These sure are exciting times to be alive! With all the changes occurring in the news it sure could be a time of upheaval, but around here we like to think of this as a time of clarity. Of course that means you gotta understand problem solving soul-style!

When something isn’t working it’s always a sign that progress is being made. Sounds crazy right!? But think of it this way –  those pesky obstacles that you didn’t notice before, were still there, they just weren’t bothering you because you weren’t trying to get around them.

That’s right soul travelers – moving forward always means the obstacles in your way will present themselves.

Hint: It’s time for Problem Solving Soul-Style.

So, if you’ve been wondering what you were doing wrong, with deepest respect – consider you may have been asking the wrong questions. Better ones to ask are these:

  1. What obstacle have I not allowed myself to recognize has been getting in my way?
  2. What part of myself is this obstacle allowing me to observe?

Chances are that part has been in your way for a long time. Probably been holding you hostage and keeping you tied to the past in some way.

Problem Solving Soul-Style Technique

Step 1: Prepare

Get out a notebook or some paper and a pen to make a few notes.

Step 2: Inquire

Ask yourself, “What do I actually think is wrong?” Then, write down your response. “I think the problem is…”

Step 3: Reality Check

The truth is – that can’t actually be the problem. Bummer! If you were able to identify the problem,  you would have a solution and not feel stuck. Unfortunately, insisting this is the problem prevents the actual dilemma from being recognized.

With that out of the way, ready to get to the core of the issue? In your notebook write out this statement while filling in the blanks. “When I think of the current situation, I just want ____ to happen, but it can’t or won’t because ____.”

Step 4: Assess

This is the simplest and most profound technique because in mere minutes you are going to discover how and where you hold yourself hostage. In other words, unknowingly preventing your creative genius and your soul’s wisdom from easily navigating around the situation.

Review your answers and assess your response:

  • Did you blame anyone?
  • Did you feel powerless, helpless or hopeless?
  • Did you say that you were unable to create a change?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then dearest Soul Traveler – you don’t realize you have been victimizing yourself and preventing you from taking action to do something different. Here’s where you gotta be willing to be wrong.

Sometimes being wrong is a gift.

In this case, consider the possibility that you have a powerful voice to express with loving kindness, that you can create change and more importantly, that another outcome is available. You just need to be willing to do something different.

Review the note about what you want to happen. Is that really what you want or is there something even better than that? In fact, what would be better than that? Anything that comes to mind is an area you have blindspots because it wasn’t something you were considering before. When the self is in its own way – not only is the self unable to determine solutions, it limits itself as to what is possible without even realizing it is happening. BUT, now you are armed with new knowledge!

Unlock Your PotentialStep 5: Implementation

This means you get to be the victor of yourself and cultivate new pathways forward. What actions can you take to move toward that “even better” outcome? Be open to listening to your intuitive guidance and
calling on your guides as trusted resources to assist you with navigating toward a beneficial outcome.

TIP: Remember you are always fully supported by the invisible realms, just be sure to ask for help when you need it!

Without expressly asking for help there are two significant unintended consequences. (Hint: Avoid doing this!)

  1. You are inadvertently telling your trusty guides to leave you alone.
  2. Even though they want to assist, you aren’t open to receiving their guidance.

So be sure to stay alert for Spirit’s clues guiding you forward!

With our Deepest Respect, Admiration and Love,

We are With you Always!