Balance: Teaching Booklet and Guided Meditation CD


Balance takes on many different forms. Through this guided meditation CD and teaching booklet you’ll learn how to balance giving and receiving to master the art of reciprocity. Enjoy learning more about the energy centers of your body, known as chakras and how they can provide innate wisdom.

Harmony is an essential element of balance. Yet it’s significance is often overlooked. Working with the natural world, you’ll learn the importance of unity, harmony and balance in your life.

We always think outside the box, so of course the packaging has an unexpected twist! It may appear to be a DVD case, but inside you’ll find a guided meditation CD with a companion teaching booklet. Christi shares a combination of spirit messages, personal experiences and tools in the booklet.


Track 1: Discovering Balance & Harmony 14:10

Track 2: I AM Harmoniously Balanced 23:02

Track 3: Harmony & Balance Seal 02:22



You can’t function as your best self without balance! But what does balance mean to you? Focusing on the energy centers of the body, known as chakras, you’ll practice balancing giving and receiving. You’ll discover true reciprocity. You’ll also learn how to recognize where you have challenges with releasing patterns of fear so you can feel free. Plus, you’ll learn learn how to experience harmony, balance and unity.


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