Legacy Course Correction Coaching Session




Legacy Course Correction Sessions repair long-standing familial patterns that have been hidden in plain sight and improve the quality of your relationships.

Ancestral energy patterns are so familiar they’re woven into the fabric of every relationship. Determining what’s “normal.” Acceptable. Expected. Creating blindspots in relationships. When that foundation is unhealthy it impacts future generations. 

When your ancestors help you move forward a powerful ripple effect is set in motion. Family patterns are repaired. Deep healing through accountability occurs. You experience the freedom to be YOU. Working together you’ll correct the course of their legacy, and improve the ripples you create going forward.

Legacy Course Correction Sessions:

  • Guide you to end ancestral patterns that keep the past in the present.
  • Set multi-generational healing into motion. 
  • Experience positive relationship shifts.
  • Improve the legacy you carry forward!
Let Christi, The Inner Clarity Coach™ help you clear ancestral patterns that are holding you back and improve the quality of your relationships. For more info about private coaching, click here.
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