Pure Love In The Raw: Interactive Lecture Series – Bring A Friend Ticket




Original Interactive Lecture Series

SAVE YOUR WAY – Bring A Friend And Save $5 Each

Be part of the live audience. Each gathering will begin with an engaging lecture addressing the imperfections in how love is expressed, current blocks that prevent pure love from being openly received, common communication pitfalls that destroy love, and other inhibitions that push love away

Actively participate. Then, we’ll take some time for self-reflection to address how the imperfections discussed are specifically impacting your ability to give and receive Pure Love. Identifying personal areas of growth where tweaks are needed to take the next step closer toward Pure Love.

Be part of the discussion. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to share about how the topic for the evening impacts you. Plus gather valuable tools, tips and guidance to make positive changes in your own life.

Be part of the movement to accept a purer quality of Love. It all begins with you. You loving you and learning how to become a role model or the quality of love you deserve.

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