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While it’s easy to think the past is over and done, the Truth is all those previous years of life experience created the foundation you currently use to think. So each time you get stuck repeating a pattern – it’s rooted in your past.
That’s why it’s essential to address your foundation. Think of a home. It’s stability rests with the foundation. So any cracks or problems at that bottom level affect the durability of what’s build on top.
When you’re ready to move forward you need to address, repair and expand your foundation to make certain it’s strong and solid to support you.

Clues your foundation needs repair:

  • Stuck in conflict
  • Communications gone haywire
  • Relationship struggles
  • Trapped by a repeating pattern
  • You want something you don’t have
  • Can’t get where you’re trying to go
  • Stressed out and don’t know what to do about it
  • Can’t let go of something from the past
If you aren’t aware of your inner foundation or that it’s in need of repair it’s all too easy to misunderstand what’s going on inside your Self. Let Christi help you clear the emotional clutter blocking access to your Soul’s inner resources. For more info about private coaching, click here.
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