Compassion: Teaching Booklet and Guided Meditation CD


Self-Compassion is essential. It’s a key to forgiveness, understanding and kindness, especially in a world that can feel so stressful. This companion Guided Meditation CD & Teaching Booklet provide tools to practice having compassion for yourself. When you can experience what it’s like to connect with gentle and delicate treatment of yourself in a private setting of your own – it can transfer into a new way of living.

The second meditation on the CD includes an invitation to allow another person to enter your guided journey. Opening room for clarity, healing and understanding of any discord within the relationship.

We’re always thinking outside the box, so these packages look like DVD’s but don’t let the appearance mislead you. Inside you’ll find a CD and a teaching booklet. Each guided meditation is a tool to create understanding through experience. Inside the booklets you’ll find more tools to work with, some spirit messages and personal stories by Christi.


Track 1: Discovering Compassion 12:49

Track 2: I AM Compassion 21:40

Track 3: Compassion Seal 07:33



It’s often easier to have a sense of compassion for others than oneself. However, without self-compassion life can feel especially difficult. This Teaching Booklet and Guided Meditation CD contain tools so you can practice experiencing  how it feels to have self-compassion. Learn how to be gentle and loving in your self-treatment, then expand that for all beings. 


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