Sleep: Teaching Booklet and Guided Meditation CD


This tool is especially beneficial for people who have trouble sleeping, need help relaxing, or are seeking stress relief. The guided meditations on the companion cd may also provide a sense of healing for those who are seeking mental relief from physical pain.

Track 1: Journey Through The Universe 19:40

Track 2: Convert My Bed Into A Healing Chamber 29:23




A good night’s sleep is an important key to health and happiness. But are you getting the quality of sleep you need? Life is busy. Your mind chatters away. When your head hits the pillow all those things on tomorrow’s to do keep popping in! Help is here. You need a tool to quiet your mind. Assist your body to relax. And help you get a restful slumber.

These guided meditations will provide your entire self: mind, body, emotions and spirit a chance to be soothed. So you can relax. Providing ideal conditions for deep peaceful sleep. Journey out into the vastness of the Universe to experience the stillness of the beauty in the night sky. Or relax as your bed is converted into  your own sacred healing chamber. Where you will experience the gentle Love of the Angels embrace.


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