Truth: Teaching Booklet and Guided Meditation CD


Ever feel lost or confused because you can’t connect to your own heart? Maybe you feel like you don’t know what you want? This package has the tools you need to restore access to the Truth inside you. The guided meditations will walk you through experiences to reconnect with yourself. Plus you’ll find more tools, stories and guidance inside the Teaching Booklet.

Just remember, the package looks like a DVD because very little in life is as it appears. Inside you’ll find a CD and companion Teaching Booklet. Both contain powerful tools for you to experience the Truth inside you as a guide in your daily living. Plus, Christi shares even more valuable information in the written booklet. 

Track 1: Discovering Truth 10:22

Track 2: I AM Truth 17:28

Track 3: Truth Seal 04:44



All Truth resides inside you, but do you know how to access it? Have you lost the connection to your heart? This guided meditation CD and companion Teaching Booklet are chock full of powerful tools to access the Truth within. Learn how to listen with your heart ears, see through your heart eyes, and feel through your’s true connection. Begin to trust yourself more deeply and own the clarity that’s inside you.


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