Reflection – Spirit Style

You Are Amazing!Dearest Ones,

As we near the end of another year, there are several things to reflect on:

  1. What have you learned about yourself this year?
  2. How did you implement that knowledge into your life and exepreinces?
  3. What bout yourself did you share in a new way this year?

Those are the areas that are most often neglected when one reviews a year of life and yet they are the areas that have the most powerful impact and effect. The clearer and cleaner you are in your emotional clutter and mental chatter, the more love you will naturally share with others. The easier compassion will flow from and through you. The simpler life will feel when you are in the presence of others.

It is a gift to hold space for others who need comfort, compassion and love, especially when they are challenged with providing it for themselves. Dearest hearts, that is where your lives create the most impact on others. The physical reminders that you are not alone, the mental and emotional connections to others which are uplifting, joyful and shared.

In the etheric realms we will always be present, always with an energetic helping hand and a wing to wrap around you.

However, in your physicality you also need each other. You need the shared love, compassion and comfort that only another human can bring to another human.

To this end, we ask you to reflect on the questions we proposed so that you may recognize the impact you have on yourself is reflected all around you. The most important work you can do for yourself is to mentally and emotionally clear out the clutter so that you can be refreshed from the inside out.

As always, thank you for the gift of allowing us to be part of your journey. For opening your hearts to our love, your minds to our wisdom and your souls to our energy. May you go forward with greater kindness toward yourself, deeper love for yourself and more respect for all that you are.

With Deepest Love, Gratitude and Joy,

We Are With You Always – The Guides


2 Responses to “Reflection – Spirit Style”

  1. Thank you for always reaching out at the most needed time! I was just telling my Mom today I needed to dispose of some emotional chatter. She received this e-mail,but knew it was something I needed to see:) Looking forward to seeing you soon. Xo

    • So glad the message resonated with you and was in Divine Timing! Thank you Guides for blessing us with your LOVE and awesome timing!!!