Relationship Building From The Inside Out

Relationship Building From The Inside Out

The most important relationship you have is with yourself. But what does that actually mean? Are you even aware you have a relationship with yourself?

How Do You Speak To Yourself?

  • Do you support yourself from within or demean yourself with negative self talk?
  • Do you encourage yourself to take initiative or defeat yourself with thoughts of why bother and nothing is going to change?
  • Do you perceive success and happiness ahead for you or do you tell yourself I’m stuck and I’ll never get there?

All of that inner dialogue provides clues about your relationship with yourself and it identifies how you perceive your value as a human being. Let’s be honest, everyone struggles with some level of fear, anxiety and insecurity. So it’s uncommon for most people to accept themselves with the same worth they innately deserve.

Yet, you’re the only you who exists – which makes you extraordinary and very valuable. But if your life experiences didn’t support that Truth, you may not have a healthy or positive a self-image.

How Does Your Relationship With Yourself Impact Your Other Relationships?

Unfortunately, the more your self-image has been affected by your experiences the more inner clutter you’ll carry. In other words, your self-perceptions become distorted. And that breeds feelings of insecurity that can wreak havoc on relationships.

Without a solid sense of personal value and true understanding of how precious you are – it’s easy to get caught up in misunderstandings, tension or conflicts with other people. And that lack of self-esteem can lead to personalizing comments that aren’t intended to be about you. When that happens you’ll hurt yourself and harm relationships without realizing its happening.

Learning how to perceive one’s true value is the key to forming healthy relationships.

Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Yourself?

If you’re single and think you’re never going to meet your ideal partner – what you’re telling yourself is sabotage! So is doubting how lovable you are. And if you’re in a relationship that causes you to question your worth or happiness – what’s going on inside of you is equally damaging. The key to healthy and fulfilling relationships is understanding that what’s going on inside yourself is determining how you feel and the choices you’re making. The quality of your relationships isn’t actually about another person – it’s about what you’re perceiving.

You deserve to feel the full worth and value of yourself. And you deserve to know who you truly are so that you can enjoy the opportunities to share love, happiness and satisfaction with others.

So whether you’re fed up with being single or you’re ready to take your relationships to the next level you’ll love my Intensive Program – Relationship Building From The Inside Out! It’s all about building you up from within so that you have the positive relationships you deserve.

Relationship Building From The Inside Out Course

This intensive experiential program will teach you how to:

  • Become aware of when you doubt the true value and worth of yourself so you stop questioning who you are.
  • Clear out distortions of perception to see the real you.
  • End sabotaging relationship patterns.
  • Unravel inner clogs that prevent you from receiving love.
  • Recognize the clues your past is affecting your present and become empowered to correct course and move forward.
  • Develop healthy communication skills so you learn how to avoid taking something personal that isn’t intended to be.
  • Experience self-acceptance so you feel safe to take initiative and live the life you deserve.

10-week Adventure Begins April 6!

  • Get practice assignments in and outside of class.
  • Delve deep within for personal healing.
  • Receive ample tools to implement and help yourself.
  • Be supported and encouraged to propel yourself forward!
  • Learn about yourself from the inside out so that you own accountability for your life
  • and are prepared to take initiative to develop the healthy relationships you deserve.

The Power Behind This Course

I was once stuck in sabotaging relationship patterns where I devalued myself and continued repeating the same bad choices. It felt devastating and heart-breaking until I learned how to unravel my past so it wasn’t writing my future. I had to undo my Cinderella mentality where I was trapped as the perpetual care taker who was neglected – and learn how to take the reigns of my life so I could accept the relationship I deserved.

I personally developed this program based on what I did to help myself. So I know first-hand how powerful the techniques and knowledge is. It transformed my life! I met the love of my life – Pete, got married, and we’ve been actively growing together ever since. I want that same joy and fulfillment for everyone whose ready to delve deep within to clear out the clutter that’s in your way.

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