Removing the Disguise of Self-Denial

For many people the words self-denial invoke feelings of discomfort and yet, this is precisely why our message at this time is so necessary.

There are ways each human being has disguised the fullness of who you are and what you are capable of from yourselves. You are denying yourself the full and beautiful experience of you!

Dearest Hearts, at this time we wish you to consider the places where you feel “not good enough” about who you are, or what you are capable of. Whether this appears as forms of lack, limitation or areas of struggle.

Be willing to delve into these hidden corners, where is pain hiding from view. This exercise is intended to shine light into the disguised places your own false beliefs are lurking, preventing you from fully experiencing your natural potential.


Exercise: Delving Into My Own Self-Denial


Step 1: Observe Your Feelings

Observe what emotions are rising to the surface right now as we speak with you about where in your life, you feel “not good enough”?

●What do you feel?

●Can you identify the emotions?

●Where in your body do you feel them?


Step 2: Observe Your Thoughts

Observe what thoughts are rising to the surface right now as we speak with you about where in your life, you feel “not good enough”?

●What are you thinking?

●What are you telling yourself?

●What ideas or images are coming into your mind at this time?


Each step is vital for you to experience a more expansive version of Self. Without understanding where you are presently, you will be unable to deepen your capacity to experience your loving self and the beauty of your Divinity.


Create Change: Tool to Practice


  1. Based on the above observations, take a few moments to allow yourself to notice just one pattern that keeps you feeling stuck in the muck.
  2. With that knowledge, consider the possibility this belief I hold about myself could be wrong and is untrue.
  3. Move beyond considering the possibility to understanding that this belief IS untrue, incorrect and false. What possibilities open for you? What new thought can you begin to hold onto? What new emotions does this new idea invoke?


THIS is the place where miracles happen on your own behalf. Through the discovery of your own pain, you can discover your blind spots – the places that prevent you from experiencing all you are and all you are capable of accomplishing.

Dearest Hearts, enjoy the process of moving through and beyond your limiting beliefs. Walking across the bridge from the familiar into the unknown, allowing it to be a process of joy.

The discovery of a truer, more beautiful and wondrous perspective of self will always open you to receive more joy.

And so it is!