Responsibility: Mine or Yours? – October Night of Unearthing U Teachings & Tips

Responsibility – Who Does it Really Belong To?

Responsibility ToolMany of us find it difficult to answer this question. Others don’t even think to ask it. The reality is that you may be accepting responsibility that may not be yours.

When you grow up in an environment where you are given either too much responsibility or age-inappropriate responsibility, it becomes normal for you to assume and expect that responsibility is always yours – regardless of the situation or the circumstances. Because you were taught this and it now feels normal and expected, you may be unable  to properly assess who the responsibility really belongs to in current and future situations.

Present day this can be problematic when it comes to doing too much, over extending yourself and taking on responsibility that you don’t want, don’t need or isn’t yours to take in the first place.

Taking on this responsibility results in:
1- not holding others accountable for their responsibility;
2- not allowing others to prove they can take on the responsibility, and take it on effectively; and
3- being distracted from the responsibility that is yours.

The Guides offered the following tool to help us navigate through responsibility:

Tool: Is This My Responsibility?
Step 1: Pause and ask yourself, Am I the one responsible for this?
Step 2: Ask yourself, How do I know? Why do I think so?
Step 3: Ask a trusted confidante – What do you think about my assessment? How would you delegate the responsibilities in this situation?
Step 4: Take appropriate action while honoring yourself and the other people involved.

When you have been taught something it feels normal and eventually becomes an automatic way of living. However, things that feel normal may not always be in your best interest. Taking the time, energy and effort to pause and ask yourself: “Am I the one responsible for this?” can be life transforming.

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