Veil of Deception

Reveal The Veil Of Deception

Reveal The Veil of Deception

Division is a powerful tool for distraction. Switch the focus away from one thing and toward something else and no one’s any the wiser. Because they’re too busy arguing. That’s deception in action!

Been seeing it a lot lately? Well, it’s time for that out-dated norm to go! End the division. Strip it from our verbiage. Find better words. Create commonality. Use concepts that unite.

And allow a new discussion to take center stage. Are you ready to change the conversation?

Addressing The Problem

With so much division, we’ve been duped into believing humanity faces a multitude of problems. So consider this – At the core, the root problem is the same. It’s the impact that’s complex. Because the same concept both unites and divides us.


Loss as in a lack of something. You name the problem and there’s a loss of some kind. But, it’s easy to be deceived here. Because you’ve got to look closely.

The impact of loss is both positive AND negative.  What about loss is positive? Confusing, right?

Loss unites people.

Let’s explain this. During times of tragedy when there’s immense loss people unite. The worse the tragedy, the more unified people feel. Think 9/11. Acts of terrorism. Natural disasters. Tragic illnesses. Deep bonds for the greater good form. Loss = United Front. Positive impact despite the negative impact of the loss. Totally contradictory.

Loss divides people.

On the other hand, people are easily divided by loss. It’s called many names with different faces. Sexism. Racism. Bigotry. Bias. Prejudice. Discrimination. There’s too many forms to list them all. Divisions by gender, race, class, economic status, sexuality, country of origin, et cetera stem from loss. Loss of equality. Loss of value for human beings. Loss of respect, dignity, honor, and…on and on. Loss = Separation. Negative impact

Those divisions distract people from recognizing: Loss – has become the norm.

Choices and decisions made at the expense of others. I win. You lose. Or I lose. You win. How’s that old mentality going to get us a better world? If someone’s always sacrificed in the process, loss continues.

In this out-dated conversation where’s the benefit? The improvement? Respect for humanity? Value for individuality? Dignity for human beings? It too is lost.

When division serves as a distraction, people remain unaware of alternative options for the betterment of everyone.

The Win-Win-Win Framework

Uniting free from loss requires a new framework to guide our choices and decisions. Stretching the current mentality to pioneer a positive path forward. That’s where our Win-Win-Win Strategy comes in! Think S.O.W. As in Self. Others. World.

Win #1: Self

It’s your life. So you’ve got to take care of you first. Be the best you. Then, you’ll have more to share in service.

Win #2: Others

Everything you do impacts other people. They need you. You need them. Be of service to others.

Win #3: World

The world is impacted at every turn. Be mindful of The Ripple Effects you set in motion. They effect the world.

When choices and decisions are made with this mindset, value and respect is restored. Beginning with self. Serving as a model for improved ideas, behaviors and actions. Expanding to others. Then the world.

Harmony has room to exist. Creating positive impact. The veil of deception disappears. The Power To Create Change Is In Your Hands. It Begins With You.

 Peel Back Your Own Veil & Reconnect With the Wealth of Your Soul

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Uncover Blindspots of Deception that Hide The Truth Of You From You

Learn how to peel back your veil of deception that has you believing you’re less than you are.  Receive tools to practice accepting the wealth of your soul. So you can serve as a positive role model for a better way forward for Humanity.


  1. What deception has been normal in your own life? How’s it impacting you?
  2. Where do you expect situations to occur at your own expense?
  3. How have you been sacrificing yourself, and you didn’t realize it?

Reconnect with the wealth of your Soul.

Bring a notebook, a sense of humor and any questions. Please R.S.V.P. to reserve your spot.

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