Sandy Message of Hope – October 2012

We recognize on Earth at this time many people are feeling challenged by the changes that have been occurring and the impact of their wake. Please know that you are loved, supported and embraced now more than ever. As etheric beings we realize your experiences at this time may feel rather challenging or difficult, in those moments, please close your eyes, and allow yourselves to feel our loving embrace surrounding you, holding you and comforting you. While we do not have physical form we observe the emotional turmoil and upheaval many people are experiencing.


Please know you are fully supported in your transition at this time and that through these changes even more beautiful energies are permeating the Earth. Notice the support for each other, notice the focus on your needs, and notice the ways that people are being kinder to each other. While in no way is this why the events have transpired, simply these are some of the outgrowths that are occurring. Keep looking for the other positive outgrowths.


And so it is!