#Self4World – Week 1 – “Selfie”

Kindness Is Providing ReassuranceWeek 1 of Kindness – “Selfie”

Holy Cow! Major blindspots revealed.

Christi’s Selfie…

OMG total confession! After all my years of active personal growth, I actually thought I knew how to be kind to myself! LOL

Thank goodness I was smart enough to catch myself in the act.

Okay, so here’s what happened…

I was visiting a relative when I texted Pete to check in and didn’t receive a response. After a couple of hours of no response, I expected the worst and hurriedly headed home.

Driving on the turnpike there it was… BAM…LIKE BEING HIT OVER THE HEAD! The word “REASSURANCE”  flashing in my head as I remembered the self-kindness exercise from this week’s challenge.

I was caught in the act! What the heck would reassurance look like in this situation?? Imagining the worst possible scenarios, I know that is not it?!

Bottom line – Pete was fine, he never received any texts from me to respond to. Apparently he needed a new phone and I needed to gain some awareness ASAP!

Blindspot revealed: self-kindness means being able to reassure myself, provide comfort and support. 

Needless to say it was an eye-opening week…

Pete’s Selfie…

I am always amazed when seemingly simple exercises provide such a powerful insight. Who knew that by focusing on how I treat myself I would come to realize just how often I tell myself I’m doing something wrong or it’s just not good enough?!

In the moments I remembered to bring my attention to this exercise I began to observe just how often I doubt myself. With this revelation, I now practice focusing on providing myself reassurance and support.

How was your experience this first week with Kindness? Share a “selfie” and let us know!