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We begin with the Self to impact the World” has always been our philosophy because we know the world will change when people do.

The purpose is to infuse mass consciousness with as much positive energy as possible, by focusing on treating our “self” in a more desirable way.

How much kindness, compassion, understanding and forgiveness can you receive for your “self”? How much honor, respect, tolerance and acceptance can you give to self?

In order to anchor positive energy, we must receive it for our “self” as deeply as possible. When we don’t allow these positive experiences for our “self” we are unintentionally creating a void in the collective energy instead. The more deeply we can accept and receive it for our “self,” the more we can infuse it into mass consciousness. 

Besides, the more we receive all the positive energy for our “self,” the more we will naturally share it – it’s who we are!

How Can You Participate?

Step 1: Practice The Exercise For The Week

Each week we will have a different exercise to actively practice. By combining our group focus we will collectively infuse mass consciousness with the same positive energy.

Step 2: Share The Impact.

Tell us about your experience and post a “selfie”!

How is the exercise impacting you? What are you learning, opening to receive, or accepting into your life? Are you experiencing a shift in people around you? .

Share it with us. Visit our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Step 3: Help Spread The Word!

Help us get 1 million active participants on board by September 22!

Together we can positively influence the mass consciousness of our planet!

Everyone matters and everyone is needed! Join the #Self4World Challenge!