September 2012 – Accepting Praise

Thank you for once again allowing us to touch your lives and your hearts with our messages of love, kindness and self-awareness. We recognize with deepest respect that to hear the areas where self-awareness has been lacking can often make it feel very difficult to hear our words. And so we share our Love and Gratitude with you for allowing yourself to hear the hard things to hear, and more importantly we wish to shower you with our blessings for your willingness to create changes in your very own life.


We wish at this time for you to consider the ways you give or retract praise from yourself. Are you willing to accept compliments or do you deny when others shower you with praise? Are you willing to pat yourself on the back or are you quick to say a harsh word of “not enough” in the space of a job well done? Are you looking for the things “wrong” instead of things that are beautiful?


This is an area we see great clouds around the fullest expression of self. Though you have much to celebrate in the fullness of who you are, too often in your Earth skins you diminish the fullness that you are to yourself and so in turn you are most often unable to accept the praise for who you are as it is provided to you externally. We wish you to practice both giving oneself praise and accepting praise from others so that you can appreciate you in the ways we already do!


Thank you again with deepest LOVE, Respect and Admiration for allowing us into your lives and your hearts.


And so it is Dearest Ones!