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Top 10 Blindspots That Sabotage Energy Healers

  1. If you’re an empath who struggles or is constantly bombarded by other people’s energy, it’s because you don’t understand the power of your abilities. You’re not here to be a seed blown in the wind, you’re here to be the wind that blows the seeds.
  2. If you experience your clients pain in your own body, that’s a clue you grew up walking on eggshells. You’re probably a people pleaser and care-taker who lives in self-sacrifice mode. So you’ll neglect your needs, over-give and feel depleted.
  3. If you don’t have a steady stream of clients, it’s a hint you aren’t accepting your value and worth because you grew up without the proper support you needed. So you aren’t properly equipped to grow a business helping with reciprocity.
  4. If you want to move forward and can’t, you have blindspots in the way that prevent you from being seen, heard, and understood. So you’ll feel like people don’t understand you, you’ll feel invisible and fear speaking your truth.
  5. If you use your abilities to communicate with animals, it’s related to  growing up with abuse so you don’t trust people. Instead, animals feel safer.
  6. If you experience high highs while you’re working with clients and plummeting lows in your daily life, you have blindspots about emotional baggage you’re carrying. So you’ll prefer to live outside your body to avoid reality which prevents balance in your life.
  7. If you feel highly emotional working with your clients, we know you grew up without healthy boundaries. So you aren’t able to have healthy boundaries with your clients.
  8. If you focus on giving messages from energy sources who show up during sessions, we know you didn’t grow up feeling safe, secure, or protected. So you aren’t aware you don’t know how to protect your clients.
  9. If you rely on energy beings in your practice, we know you grew up feeling invisible. You don’t trust yourself and you struggle with doubt and insecurities. So you’ll have a hard time feeling confident and trusting your abilities.
  10. If you’ve learned several modalities, acquired multiple certificates and keep seeking to learn more, we know you haven’t been trained about how you function or how your inner foundation is directly affecting your life, work, and business growth.

That’s why Pete and I specialize in advanced training programs catered to Energy Healers. So you can clear out your own emotional baggage, identify and cultivate your skills, optimize what you’re capable of, and learn best practices.

We’ll help you develop greater self-confidence, self-trust and build your toolbox so you can better serve your clients. We also provide essential training in code of conduct, maintaining professionalism, creating boundaries, and ensuring you run a healthy successful business.

Deconstructing Your Inner Foundation Workshop

As an Energy Healer are you aware that what’s going on inside of you is affecting your skills? Do you understand how your past impacts and influences your present in disguised ways creating blindspots that block your clarity?

If any of the above blindspots that frequently affect Energy Healers resonates with you then join us for this one-of-a-kind workshop where we’ll peel back the veil that hides the Truth. We’ll teach you powerful methods for self-healing and train you how to deconstruct your inner foundation so the best you shows up, allowing you to be of service in an elevated capacity.

Due to COVID our training is currently on hold.

Skills Development Training For Energy Healers

Hands-on training so you learn how to optimize your skill set.

  • As an Energy Healer are you aware that what’s going on inside of you is affecting your skills?
  • Do you realize that when you’re emotionally blocked that baggage alters how you work and even how you protect yourself and your clients?
  • Did anyone teach you about the power and value of connecting with your soul in your practice to optimize your sessions?
  • Do you know what piece of the puzzle you fulfill for your clients?
  • Do you know you have skills you aren’t using because you haven’t been trained in HOW you work – you’ve only learned a modality that limits your potential?

Energy healers need to understand that they bring so much more to the table than just the modality they have been trained in. This Skills Awareness and Development workshop is designed to prepare you for a wide variety of experiences and expand your skill set so you can better serve yourself and your clients.

It’s customized training for those in attendance so you deepen your understanding of how you work, what you bring to the table, best practices, and more – depending on what you personally need!

Due to COVID our training is currently on hold.

Ethics In The Healing Arts Workshop

Get our essential code of conduct, learn how to maintain professionalism, and create healthy boundaries.

Building A Successful Business Workshop

Learn the essential keys to running a successful business.

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