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Christi Maybo, The Inner Clarity Coach™

Powerful. Inspiring. Engaging. Speaker.

As a powerful motivational speaker, Christi works with people from all walks of life and in every industry to: improve communications, develop stronger relationships, build teamwork, and foster self-value so you become a better self, one that surpasses your wildest imagination.

Christi’s signature approach combines practicality, spirituality and humor to provide inspiring and engaging events.

Previous lectures have been presented throughout NJ, NY & PA.

Pure Love In The Raw: Conversations To Elevate Your Quality of Love

An Ongoing Interactive Lecture Series

Because blindspots affect your ability to receive the love you deserve – there’s areas where people accept less than they deserve. As a result, those patterns will drag you down and cause you to question your value and worth. On my watch that’s not okay.

Join me to learn more about how to open your ability to receive love and accept the truly priceless treasure you are.

During each interactive lecture we’ll discuss areas where blindspots are holding you back, causing struggles or challenges. Then I’ll provide techniques and tools you can use to help yourself overcome those obstacles and optimize your life.

As an attendee, you’ll have an opportunity to share and ask personal questions. Plus you’ll gather valuable knowledge to make positive changes in your own life.

It all begins with you! You learning how to love you so that you’ll accept the quality of love and life you deserve.

Please note: Each Interactive Lecture will be recorded and made publicly available for sale for those unable to attend. Pieces may even be shared on YouTube and/or other streaming services. Rest assured, our audio engineer will protect your privacy by altering the tone of your voice for any personal sharing!

To attend live in-person lecture, check our Event Calendar for details.

Blindspots Affect Your Professional Life

Inner blindspots are intimately tied to historic patterns so it’s difficult to identify areas where distortions are affecting your professional life. Yet, blindspots are responsible for stress, miscommunications, problems with teamwork, and lack of harmony in work environments. With Christi’s expertise you’ll learn how to develop self-awareness, inner leadership, and personal authority to improve your professional relationships.

  • Did you feel seen and heard in the past? Because that’s impacting your communication skills.
  • How were you been treated by authority figures historically? It’s affecting your leadership style.
  • What did you learn about mistakes? It’s influencing your decision making and decisiveness.

Blindspots Affect Your Quality of Life

Because inner blindspots are part of “your normal” it’s challenging to recognize the impact they have on the quality of your life. You may think what’s going on is about an external circumstance, while behind the scenes something inside yourself has been triggered. Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about how to detect inner blindspots, develop greater self-awareness and identify the roots of patterns to experience inner freedom and clarity.

Topics Christi is happy to speak on:

  • Deepen Self-Empowerment By Decluttering Inner Blindspots
  • How to Identify Emotional Clutter Is Wreaking Havoc
  • Developing Personal Accountability
  • Building Teamwork and Create Harmonious Environments
  • What To Do When Communications Go Haywire
  • How to Identify Relationship Disharmony and Correct Course

For Intuitive Audiences, Christi is gifted at speaking on:

  • Self-Integration: The Blending of Spirituality and Humanness
  • The Energy Interplay in Relationships and Communications
  • How Blindspots Affect Intuitive Clarity and Cause Unintended Consequences
  • Advanced Seminars for Holistic and Intuitive Practitioners

Please note speaking engagements will be customized to meet your needs.

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