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The Past Is Influencing You Now…



Internal clarity is the crucial key to your quality of life and success. What was familiar and “normal” in your past directly impacts your actions, communications and the quality of your experiences. Let Christi humor you as she educates you about what you don’t know you don’t know. 


How’s My Past Impacting My Professional Life?

When it comes to your professional life it’s hard to identify where your past is influencing your present, because blindspots disguise the Truth.  That’s why you’ll need a specialist who can help you develop self-awareness to identify the impact of your blindspots. 

  • Did you feel seen and heard in the past? Because that’s impacting your communication skills.
  • How have you been treated by authority figures historically? It’s affecting your leadership style.
  • What did you learn about mistakes? It’s influencing your decision making and decisiveness.


How’s My Past Impacting My Life?

When it comes to your life, it’s challenging to recognize the impact your past has on the present. You think what’s going on is about an external circumstance, but what’s going on behind the scenes is a blindspot! When clarity is blocked by emotional clutter, you’ll easily get stuck in emotional paralysis repeating old patterns and become trapped by the garbage you’re telling yourself. Learn how to develop self-awareness of your blindspots to stop living the past in the present.

  • Do you feel seen and heard? 
  • Are you aware of the impact of your actions, words and deed?
  • Can you own responsibility and accountability for your role in interactions?
  • Do you struggle with clear communication?
  • Are you able to recognize when you’re triggered or taking something personal?
  • Do you get stuck trying to recognize options, choices and solutions to help yourself?


Christi Maybo, Inspirational Speaker

Christi Maybo is founder of Christi International a professional and personal development company that provides education, opportunities and experiences to maximize human potential with centralized focus on the Intuitive Arts. Your Soul is the essence of you. Powerful, wise and infinite with crystal clarity about your personal gifts and talents. Yet, through life experiences, this precious aspect becomes buried inside under layers of emotional clutter. Since that emotional clutter’s been there for so long it feels normal, so you aren’t even aware of how it’s negatively impacting yourself or others.

Christi’s signature approach uses humor to highlight awareness of personal blindspots ensuring you learn how to discern between Truth and the myths you’ve been telling yourself. Because you’re the one whose redefined yourself based on your experiences, it’s always An Inside Job. She’ll teach you how to put the power and authority back into your own hands so you can change, heal and repair the past to free yourself and move forward. 

As a powerful inspirational speaker, Christi works with people from all walks of life and in every industry to: improve communications, develop stronger relationships, build teamwork, and foster self-value so you become a better self, one that surpasses your wildest imagination.


Previous lectures have been presented throughout NJ, NY & PA.