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Inner Clarity Coaching™


Your B.E.S.T. Self™ is hidden by the impact of your past experiences. Because those experiences molded the way you think, behave, and the attitude you have about life – it’s become your normalThat’s why Inner Clarity Coaching™ is so essential!
It provides a process with tools and expert guidance that help create perception pivots. So you reveal the blindspots sabotaging your happiness and success. Enabling you to switch tracks and live the life you deserve without wasting precious time!

I’ll train you how to stop sabotaging yourself so you live the life you deserve instead of the one that’s become familiar.


Every session is unique & customized. Prior to our first appointment you’ll fill out a simple form letting me know what’s going on. Then, during our virtual session, we’ll chat via Zoom or FaceTime to get to the root of the situation and reveal your blindspots.

I’ll teach you how to navigate your inner terrain by using an inward exercise like a guided visualization. Before we finish, you’ll have tools to continue helping yourself until our next session. After our session, I’ll email you an mp3 recording to re-listen.

What Can I Help You With?

  • Get Insight to Upgrade Your Life
  • End Self-Sabotage & Find Direction
  • Self-Acceptance, Self-Trust, Self-Confidence
  • Build Relationships & Healthy Bonds of Love
  • Overcome Obstacles
  • Improve Communications, Listening Skills, Diplomacy & Tact
  • Accelerate Your Career, Success, Professional Path
  • When you’re stuck and ready to move forward…we’ll uncover the root of the problem together!

Need something else or unsure if I can help you, please inquire. My skill set is too vast to fit on the page! LOL

Case Studies

Astounding! I’ve Unlocked Me!!

“OMG! Christi I can’t do this anymore!”

At face value she had it all: a successful career, marriage, children, her ideal home. But long-standing patterns of self-criticism hid her from herself and caused deeply rooted anxiety. So she wasn’t enjoying her life.

Thanks to Inner Clarity Coaching™, she’s developed work-life balance, expresses flexibility, and laughs so hard she cries! Now we’re working on honing her intuitive insight, building stronger family bonds and getting on her optimal life track.

Dream #1: Accomplished!

“Christi, what am I missing? The last 3 years my Soul Letter said the same thing!”

With the stark contrast between her view and her Soul’s perspective revealed – we began Private Coaching. Within 6 months she went from feeling anxious and afraid of being laid off, uncertain of herself – to happy and take charge with self-confidence building.

She now works remotely, in a different state from her newly purchased dream home! Check, first dream accomplished – despite the Pandemic! Now we’re working on fulfilling dreams two and three.

Get Started Today!

I’ve Got Your Back!

I’ll protect you from you. Like when you’re accepting too little for yourself. Or being too hard on yourself. And especially when you can’t make sense out of the chaos.

This is the place you’re supported. Uplifted. Encouraged to be your B.E.S.T. Self™. Your safe haven protecting your secrets. Where you don’t have to be strong or pretend. You can be you – without feeling embarassed about anything!

Starter Package:

Begin with

  • One 90 minute session
  • one 30-minute follow-up session

(Sessions via Zoom, FaceTime, FaceBook Messenger, or phone).

At the end of our 90 minute session, you’ll get tools to work with on your own and we’ll follow-up with a 30-minute session the next week. So we can discuss your progress and create a plan going forward. This way you’ll know what intensity works best for you.

I’m Ready To Get Started!

What Happens During Inner Clarity Coaching Sessions?

You’ll fill out a simple form ahead of time to email back the night before  your session. This way we can delve right in. Your privacy is always respected so that you feel safe and comfortable to honestly share what’s really going on inside of you.

We’ll comfortably chat which will easily reveal blindspots. Then, I’ll help you make connections between the past and the present so clarity is provided and connections are made. Next we’ll use tools like guided visualizations and meditations to clear out inner clutter and restore access to hidden inner assets. This way you reconnect with the innate wisdom inside you.

Every session is unique, personalized and based on what you need.

  • You’ll get practical tools and exercises to practice.
  • Plus clarity about how to move forward while avoiding the same challenge in the future.
  • You’ll feel relieved and free from burdens you didn’t realize were weighing you down.
  • You’ll be excited for our next session so you keep the momentum going and get more tools to work with!

The Details

Please note: It’s common to feel saturated at the end of our sessions because you’ve received so much information and intense clarity. When scheduling an appointment please plan your day accordingly.

  • Time: The time needed varies. On average individual sessions are 60-90 minutes. Couples Sessions are 90-120 minutes. Although I suggest you plan a little extra time in your schedule in case we need it.

At the end of our session, you’ll get practice assignments and tools to work with. Then, within 24-48 hours I’ll email you an mp3 file, so you have a recording of our time together.

  • Payment:  Payment is due at the time of service and is gratefully accepted by cash, check, or credit card.

After your Starter Package, I’ll email you more information about Coaching Packages so you can choose the one that’s best for you – armed with experience about how we work together.

Private Group Events

Contact me directly to book your Private Event.

About Going Within… 

Remember the movie, A Few Good Men?  Tom Cruise, “I want the TRUTH!” Jack Nicholson, “You can’t handle the Truth!”

I’m all Truth. All the time. Because this human life is short and any internal clutter in the way is a problem. I’m honest. Direct. And known to cuss, sometimes.

If you’re drawn to me there’s a reason…just know that I’m intense and passionate. I’ll always take a strong stand for your value and the Truth that resides within you. You’ll have an advocate on your side. Usually that means getting you out of your own way.

But you have to be ready to go there. You have to want to empty the trash, (aka look at your emotional constipation), and use the tools. So that we can build momentum to propel you forward.

I’ve got an infinite tool box and crystal clarity to zoom in on your blindspots. With acumen to assess inner clutter like nobody’s business. Seriously don’t walk, RUN if you need my assistance! Life is short. Don’t waste another second of your precious time trying to figure it out on your own. I’m here to support, encourage and guide you to help yourself. Besides, chances are whatever the actual problem is you probably aren’t considering because it’s a blindspot!

I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you!


Client Experiences

“The gratitude I have in my heart for you and the work you do is immense and words do not seem to do it justice.  I am welcoming the process of this very needed expansive change!” Nicole

“You saved my life!” John

“Christi you’ve saved me over 20 years of therapy! Now I can put that saved money toward my son’s college education. I can’t wait to see what’s uncovered next!” Karen

“Christi has a kind and gentle way of helping us dig deep to the very core of the problem and helping us see and understand it for what it is and then teaching us how to shed and heal old wounds.” Theresa

“Christi was terrific in helping me with an emotional block that kept me from my progressing on my spiritual path. I had been trying to unblock this for a long time.” Alex

“Life changing! Don’t waste your time struggling or trying to figure out what you can’t see for yourself. Go see Christi because she just knows what you need in a unique way that’s beyond words.” Patrick

More Client Experiences here.

Got questions? We’re Happy To Help!

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Christi directly. Call or text 267-263-2747. Email: