Private Inner Clarity Coaching

Stop Struggling! There’s A Better Way!

 Are You Seeking Clarity? Truth? Deep & Intensive Personal Growth? Powerful Forward Movement? Transformation?

If so, you’re at the right place!  Inner Clarity Coaching is intense, direct, and gets straight to the heart of the matter. We’ll cover territory you never imagined could be impacting you now, especially if you think you’ve moved beyond “it.”

What’s Going On Inside?

No worries if you aren’t sure what you need! We’ll get to the bottom of it together. I’ll guide you to reveal inner blindspots blocking your way so you can move forward easily and in a better direction.

I cover a lot of territory:

  1. Stuck? Seeking Clarity Of??? No worries if you aren’t sure what you need! That’s my job. You’ll need clarity to make sense of the chaos without feeling awkward that you don’t know what you need. Understanding to identify the actual problem. Tools to help yourself. Insights so you avoid getting trapped in the same pitfall again.
  2. Relationship challenges? Family Issues? Single and don’t want to be? You’ll need guidance to identify the interplay of your energy and how that’s impacting the situation. Clarity to recognize the roles being presented. Tools to release your own inner clutter that’s stuck. Techniques to ensure you can move forward as a unified team. With tips to help identify triggers.
  3. Intuitive craziness? Not sure how to process what you’re experiencing? Practitioner? Time for Know-Nonsense Strategies! You’ll need training to understand your natural talent and abilities. Guidance to identify blindspots. Practice exercises to develop your skills and hone your intuitive muscles. Clarity to identify intuitive muscles you didn’t know you had. Techniques to expand your gifts and abilities.
  4. Professional Clarity? Your privacy will be honored so that you’ll feel comfortable to let loose and share what’s really going on inside of you. You’ll need to know it’s okay to say what you need to say so you get the clarity you need. I’ll be sure to help you navigate what’s going on behind the scenes to get you through your blindspots. We’ll work together to get you what you need!

If you think you need something else or aren’t sure if I can be of service for you, please inquire. I offer other services that I don’t advertise.

I’ll help you navigate forward!

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What Happens During Inner Clarity Coaching Sessions?

You’ll fill out a simple form and we’ll chat.

Through conversation blindspots will be revealed. Clarity provided. Sometimes we’ll use tools like guided visualizations or meditations. We’ll clear out inner clutter. You’ll reconnect with innate wisdom inside you.

Every session is unique, personalized and based on what you need.

What’s Commonly Experienced?

You’ll feel safe & comfortable. Be fully respected and your privacy will be honored.

  • You’ll leave with practical tools and exercises to practice.
  • Plus clarity about how to move forward while avoiding the same challenge in the future.
  • You’ll feel relieved and free from burdens you didn’t realize were weighing you down.
  • Sometimes we’ll need to address ancestral patterns that keep the past revolving in the present. Ancestral patterns are so familiar they’re hidden in plain sight. Woven into the fabric of every relationship. Determining what’s “normal.” Acceptable. Expected. Creating blindspots in relationships. When that foundation is unhealthy it impacts future generations. So we’ll set multi-generational healing into motion opening positive relationship shifts. While correcting course for the legacy carried forward!
  • You’ll be excited to come back to get more tools and keep moving forward

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The Details

Please note: It’s common to feel saturated when we finish because you’ve received so much information and intense clarity. When scheduling an appointment please plan your day accordingly.

  • Time: The time needed varies. On average individual sessions are 60-90 minutes. Couples sessions are 90-120 minutes. Although I suggest you plan a little extra time in your schedule in case we need it.

At the end of our session, you’ll get all of my handwritten notes which includes practice assignments. And I’ll email you an mp3 file, so you have a recording of our time together.

  • Fees: Payment is gratefully accepted by cash, check or credit card. Individual Session: $225 per session. Couples & Family Sessions: $300 per Session

Please note payment is due at the time of service.

If that’s not within your budget, check out our Event Calendar for other options.

Customized Individual Coaching Packages Also Available:

Inner Clarity Coaching Package #1: One 60-90 minute session and one 30 minute session for follow-up. $300.

Inner Clarity Coaching Package #2:  Three 60-90 minute sessions with two 30-minute sessions to continue the momentum. Package = $800. Payable in 2 installments of $400.

Keep The Clarity Coming Coaching Package: Six 60-90 minute sessions and six 30-minute sessions to continue the momentum. Package = $2,000. Payable in 6 monthly installments of $333.33. Contact me directly for scheduling.

Private Group Events

Bring your group to my office for a private event. Book a 2-hour Event for up to 10 people package rate $750. Book a 4-hour Event for up to 10 people package rate $1250. Full day events available. Pricing contingent on number of participants and intensity of topic to be addressed. Contact me directly to book your Private Event.

About Going Within… 

Remember the movie, A Few Good Men?  Tom Cruise, “I want the TRUTH!” Jack Nicholson, “You can’t handle the Truth!”

I’m all Truth. All the time. Because this human life is short and any internal clutter in the way is a problem. I’m honest. Direct. And known to cuss, sometimes.

If you’re drawn to me there’s probably a reason…just know that I’m intense and passionate. I’ll always take a strong stand for your value and the Truth that resides within you. You’ll have an advocate on your side. Usually that means getting you out of your own way.

But you’ve got to be ready to go there. You’ve got to want to empty the trash, clear your digestive track (aka look at your poop), and use the tools. When you’re ready to discover what you’re really capable of – then our adventure together takes off!

I’ve got a giant tool box and crystal clarity to zoom in on your blindspots. With acumen to assess inner clutter like nobody’s business. Seriously don’t walk, RUN if you need my assistance. Life is short. Don’t waste another second of your precious time trying to figure it out on your own. Chances are whatever the actual problem is, you’ve probably never considered.

I look forward to meeting you!

Client Experiences

Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

“The gratitude I have in my heart for you and the work you do is immense and words do not seem to do it justice.  I am welcoming the process of this very needed expansive change!” Nicole

“You saved my life!” John

“Christi you’ve saved me over 20 years of therapy! Now I can put that saved money toward my son’s college education. I can’t wait to see what’s uncovered next!” Karen

“Christi has a kind and gentle way of helping us dig deep to the very core of the problem and helping us see and understand it for what it is and then teaching us how to shed and heal old wounds.” Theresa

“Christi was terrific in helping me with an emotional block that kept me from my progressing on my spiritual path. I had been trying to unblock this for a long time.” Alex

“Life changing! Don’t waste your time struggling or trying to figure out what you can’t even see for yourself. Go see Christi because she just knows what you need in a unique way that’s beyond words.” Patrick

More Client Experiences here.

Got questions? We’re Happy To Help!

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Christi directly. Call or text 267-263-2747. Email: