Soul Letters™

Find Out What Your Soul Want You to Know

Find out in a personalized letter! 
Learn about areas where you can grow. Acquire tools to help you become a better you. Receive clarity about your optimal path with essential tips to help you get there.

The possibilities are endless!

Imagine opening your mailbox to discover a letter providing support you were so desperately searching for. Providing clarity on how to deal with some of your life’s struggles that are infringing upon your happiness and ability to flourish. Allowing you to finally breath a sigh of relief because the guidance and tools you required were finally made available to you. No more feeling frustrated, confused, or embarrassed because you didn’t know where to go for help.

A Soul Letter™ is a road map on your life’s journey to grow forward:

  • Truth straight up to usher you forward. 
  • Insight about blindspots that are blocking you from living your best life.
  • Clarity and hints to help yourself become a better you.
  • Inspirational because you’re reading about the real you – the amazing, one-of-a-kind you who can’t be duplicated or replicated. 

How Do You Know What To Write?

That’s a great question! And one that keeps me in a constant state of awe.

I hear souls the way you hear people. So we have a two-way conversation. I sit at the computer and type out the guidance your Soul tells me you need. As your Soul taps into my toolbox to provide hints, clues and techniques that will help you best.

What Are The Benefits?

 Recipients put it best, so I’ll let them tell you first hand.

“I just ordered my 5th Spirit letter – 4 as gifts and 1 for me, over the past two years. They are full of insight and sometimes a loving smack upside the head. I find these to be wonderful gifts which tell it like it is – a wake up call, if you will, providing Truth and guidance.” ~ Val

“I can’t tell you enough times this is the greatest gift I have ever received and family members who open theirs have shared that same sentiment. They are so beautifully done and remain my greatest treasures to revisit frequently. My spirit is immediately boosted to know I have so much love and support on the other side…and that my value in this life is so much more than I could ever imagine.” ~ Joanne  #greatest gift to give or receive

“I cannot thank you enough for working on my Spirit Letter with so much love and compassion that I know you put into every one. It has brought me so much clarity and peace in my current situation, and has given me important and loving guidance on how to move forward with Spirit.” 
~ Carol

How To Purchase Your Letters

  • Once you click the “Add To Cart” button below, a new screen will pop up.
  • You’ll see “Soul Letter™ Quantity.” Input how many letters you want to order, then click “Add To Cart.”
  • Make sure the next screen displays the right number of letters. Then click “Proceed to Checkout”. (The sale price is already noted so you don’t need a coupon).
  • Scroll down to “Billing Details” and fill in your information. If you’re ordering 2 letters, one for you and one for someone else you can input their data under “Ship to different address.”
  • “Order Notes” is where you’ll provide all your notes to me! Including multiple recipients names and if you want letters mailed to several addresses that are different from your own, please include those too.
  • Scroll down to click “Place Order” and you’re all set!

If I have any questions about your order I’ll email or call, so please be sure to provide your best contact info.

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Thank you for allowing me the beautiful opportunity to share my innate skill with you. It’s an extraordinary privilege being permitted to connect soul to soul with you and your loved ones. 

Wishing you a very happy summer!


Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes

Below you’ve got insider intel. Enjoy a few short snippets from previous letters. 

Sneak Peek #1: Stretching is required.

“No matter how big you think big is – there is still always more. But you’ve got to be willing to go beyond where you’ve already been. Even in your family unit there is still more love to share, deeper bonds, purer connections. You can still surpass what you have and be even more glorified in the purest and humblest of ways, but that means you’ve got to be willing not to settle for the good. Appreciate it, have gratitude for it, but be open and willing to accept even more.”

Sneak Peek #2: To go forward you’ll need to let go…

“You only deserve to be full of joy, happiness, and most importantly you deserve to be forgiven!

Yes, forgiven, not for your sins – please honey, don’t even go there! You are human, you’re gonna make mistakes, you’re gonna do or say the wrong thing and then you have the chance to apologize, say you’re sorry and do something different next time. BUT, none of that has to do with what you’re doing to yourself about your own mistakes. If you aren’t going to be forgiving of yourself, then you sure as heck won’t expect any one else to be – even if they are.

Oh, yes that’s right…even when other people forgive you for making a silly or simple mistake your own harshness is like sandpaper. Ok, here’s an analogy for you – since you appreciate a good laugh! Would you use sandpaper to wipe your butt!? NOPE, so why is it a good idea to use it for your emotional poop or mental poop!? Right, because isn’t that what its like when you make a mistake?

You want to flush it down the toilet, but you gotta allow some forgiveness for yourself. You gotta be able to recognize ok, oops! I didn’t mean to say or do that. Oh poop! I need to apologize. Ok, end of story. Only you have a story about it….”

Sneak Peek #3: To advance you’ll need practice exercises!

“This is a rather simple technique but be forewarned it’s equally a difficult one to practice because it’s building new muscles. So like going to the gym and getting in a good work out means breaking a good sweat in a physical way…this is like a soul stirring, emotional moving, mental jungle gym of a practice – sweat equity in non-physical ways.

Technique: Noticing ME through My Eyes
So I can see me the way my Soul already does!

Step 1: Observe what I tell myself

  • Is it kind, compassionate, understanding, loving, gentle, or something else?

Step 2: My Choice

  • How do I want to be treated? Is this acceptable to me, for me to treat myself like this?
  • How would Spirit love me in this instance?
  • Would God tell me I was less than or would God say I was created to be me?
  • Do I want to be defined by areas I need outside help or am I willing to see where I excel?

Step 3: Choose

  • In order to make new choices, you’ve first got to recognize what you were choosing, identify new choices and then select one.”

Happy to help you place your order!

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