Shed The Old You And Harvest The Rewards

Shed The Old As you enter into the season of autumn, the time of harvest is upon you and many  energies of celestial beings are supporting a new fragmentation of self. Meaning, parts of self that are ready to fall away, or molt as a snake molts its skin which is necessary for its growth, are being fully supported.

You cannot move forward and embrace more, deepen your sense of accomplishment or satisfaction and remain in the mental pathways of the past. Those old thoughts are connected to old emotions which will stunt your forward progress. This is a very powerful time to shed an old skin and begin the process of stretching which naturally occurs as you develop new muscles to acclimate to your new skin.

How To Molt An Old Skin

  1. Identify what you are ready to release, or what is no longer helping or supporting you.
  2. Thank those parts of self for helping you to survive until now. In a very real sense you needed them to get you to where you are today, but keeping them will prevent your future growth and development. So there is much gratitude for the role they played and the service they offered.
  3. Working with the Animal Kingdom, imagine yourself as a snake literally molting an old skin. Feel it gently slough off, and allow yourself to slither forward a bit.

Notice how it was too restrictive and experience the freedom of allowing the old skin to move away. As you visualize this change, notice how it feels for you in a physical way. Also observe the emotions being triggered for yourself.

How To Adapt to Your New Skin

Keep in mind, the past years of slithering allowed the skin on the outside of the snake to toughen, so the new skin may feel more tender and soft until it acclimates to your new experiences.

  1. TLC – Tender Loving Care for the self is required. Both for the letting go and the letting in processes which are occurring. It is a two-layer transformation which is taking place. Gentleness with yourself will server you well.
  2. Allow the wisdom of the snake to accompany you on this journey. Imagine yourself as a snake acclimating to a new skin. What do you need to support yourself as you embody the energy of snake? This is a clue as to what you need to integrate into your daily living.

The natural cycles of letting go and accepting new, that a snake is familiar with can gently and easily glide you forward at this time. Be sure to offer your gratitude and appreciation to snake for its wisdom, guidance and love into your life.

 Observe What You Are Harvesting

As you acclimate to your new skin, the accompanying new perception of self will allow you to observe triumphs, successes and other accomplishment in ways your old skin limited you from observing. Be sure to take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Some questions to ponder for self-reflection:

  • What can you now see you’ve accomplished and achieved?
  • Where did you overcome obstacles you haven’t given yourself credit for?
  • What other triumphs and successes did you fulfill?

Enjoy the process of deepening your self-acceptance as you embrace a transforming self which is developing new muscles.