Spirit's Great Idea!

Spirit’s Best Idea YET!

Are you ready? Um…we mean really ready? Like super-duper ready that you just can’t wait another second or half a second to find out what the idea is? What the surprise in store is?


O-h-k-a-y, enough suspense…

YOU were the best idea that Spirit ever had! Yep, YOU.

In all your grandeur, splendor and extravagance – you as you are, at the core. The PURE Essence of YOU. The TRUE YOU.

YOU have always been Spirit’s greatest idea. In fact, we are so very proud of the creation of YOU that we ask you to wear our pride, try on our love, and expand your own perception so that you can see yourself through our eyes.

OH, that wasn’t what you thought you needed to be ready for?!

Hmmm, well Humanity – it is time for a full understanding of the truth Human Footprintabout who you are, what you are capable of and the real reason you are born.

The Truth

You are born to be human. To have a full blown human experience, with the opportunity to feel a wide array of emotions. To taste a plethora of different flavors, to enjoy the music of a variety of sounds and most importantly to experience both an intimate connection with all living beings, while discovering the beauty of individuality.

You are both. Always.

You cannot be separate and isolated, alone or singular as much as you cannot be connected, intertwined and fused together.


You cannot be completely separate, isolated alone or singular on a planet teeming with life. With over 7 billion other humans you can feel separate, you can feel alone and you can feel isolated – but it is your feeling that identifies the state, not reality. You cannot be completely connected, intertwined and fused together because you are in a separate body, having individual experiences and functioning as a singular being.

And yet, you are always energetically interconnected, intertwined and fused together.

So what is our point?

That humans can see life one-dimensionally, can feel emotions in extremes and can think in terms that identify life as one or the other – but the TRUTH is that humans are both individual and collective. You are beings that feel, see, think, experience energy and emotion, and tactile touch – all of which are intimately intertwined in every experience. No matter how deeply you try to unravel or peel away layers there are always more that are intertwined. No matter how much you try to function as an individual you are always part of the collective of humanity.

Humanity is Multi-Faceted


The true joy is in acceptance that you are multi-faceted, multi-talented and complex beings. Why try so hard to be simple, when you are born complex? Why fight the truth, when you can accept the complexity makes you fascinating, extraordinary and even more expansive than you can comprehend?

That brings us to what you are really capable of? Honestly, we don’t know! Simply because the best ideas haven’t been thought yet, the most extraordinary concepts haven’t become reality yet, and best of all – your full potential hasn’t been reached yet. Truly you are capable of anything and everything – but that means you’ve got to accept YOU are Spirit’s Greatest IDEA EVER!

And so it is!

We are with you always.

4 Responses to “Spirit’s Best Idea YET!”

  1. To know that I am the best idea that SPIRIT ever had is monumental. I have eyes and many moments of clarity of presence. And I had a few tears in recognition.
    See you Monday!

  2. Beautiful words of wisdom!!
    Thank you Christi and the Guides