Human Willingness

Spirit’s Perspective on Human Willingness

What Are You Willing to Accept?

Our messages are taking on a life of their own with deliberate purpose. Our goal is to get people to think about what they are doing, who they think they are, what they think they are capable of and what they are willing to accept.

You ask “what do you believe you deserve?” – but think of it this way – if a person is willing to accept abuse, they will get it. When a person is willing to accept bias they get more. When a person is willing to accept cruelty, blame, justification and manipulation – they will get large heaping doses of it.

Now, for humanity to understand the core problem on a global scale all boils down to individual choice:

 What is each person willing to accept?

Not for each other, not for society – but for themselves. WHAT really is each person willing to accept for themselves? In their lives? From themselves?

Right there in a nutshell is the problem with the world. People experience bigotry, bias, anger, volatility because they have been willing to accept this treatment as if they deserved it, especially from themselves

NOPE. Not what they deserve, but what they are willing to accept.

THAT is the problem humanity is currently facing. And it is a global problem.

What Door Are You Willing to Enter?


Let us address three places that are horrific to consider:

  1. Human trafficking – people are bought and sold to be sex slaves
  2. Pedophilia – children are raped, molested and sexually abused
  3. Murder – people’s lives are ended

If you had to put these in an order from most abhorrent to least abhorrent how would you arrange them? 3-2-1, 2-1-3, 1-2-3, or a different arrangement?

Our Perspective

With all due respect, the way humans consider these is the problem. There is no order that is more or worse horrific than the others – in each case there is human torture, there is a lack of respect for life, there is no regard for humanity.

THIS is what we see – most humans have little to no regard for humanity and they don’t even know it. They show us this every day in the way they treat themselves because it trickles out to how they treat each other and how much fear they live in. Every parent knows a child could be molested, abducted, harmed, abused and violently treated – it is a real fear of all human parents who love and care for their children.

You literally live on a planet so entrenched in fear that it is difficult if not near impossible to imagine a possibility where that were not the case. Because the entire fabric of the energy you are familiar with is so embedded with fear that ripping it out from underneath you would cause a pandemonium. Literally, we see the energy – taking away the fabric of the energy of fear would leave you even more terrified.

So, you’ve got to be willing to practice living in a new energy that is absent from fear, absent from a lack of value for life because it is the only way that the greater consciousness of your planet can even begin to accept a new energy vibration. Willing To Accept Pure LoveAND it means we are asking for this week’s call to action to be daily, and as often as possible for you:

Call To Action – Part 1

Be Willing to Receive Pure Love

Step 1

Breathe in and out 5 or 6 times and allow the tension in your physical body to relax. Stand up swing your arms and jump up and down. Literally feel your body moving. This is going to be an exercise of the mind, body and energy. The body needs to move so the mind and energy can too.

Step 2

Imagine being washed over with the energy of PURE LOVE, feel it seeping into the cells of your body as you gently continue moving your arms, legs, head and feet. You will find a motion that is best for you.

Taking A Stand For Pure LoeStep 3

Allow the energy of Pure Love to purify ALL the energy you carry in your mind, then the cells of your body, then move into the layers of your energy field. PURIFYING ALL OF YOU into alignment with PURE LOVE.

Step 4

Repeat OFTEN.

“I am an open and willing vessel to allow the purity, kindness, dignity and respect of myself to deepen, expand and open in ways that only Spirit knows is possible. I allow myself to be more than I was yesterday and more than I ever imagined I was capable of being.”

This whole process can be done in under 1 minute if you are in a rush. It does not have to take a long time to be powerful and potent. But allowing it to happen is the essential part.

Actively using your free will, intention and desire to create a change in your energy is the most important part.

The more you can inhabit the energy of Pure Love, the more it will naturally ripple from you. But you’ve got to be able to breathe it, walk it talk it and live it – to share it the way you want to. It all begins with the Self to Impact The World.

Be willing to accept positivity, love, and joy into your life – it’s what you deserve. Stop settling for less.

With our Admiration, Grace and Comfort,

We Are With You Always

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