You Are The Blessing!

Spirit’s Perspective: You Are The Blessing!

What Does It Mean To Be The Blessing?

You are the blessing. Yes, you. You are the blessing. From our perspective you are the blessing because you get the opportunity to choose. By choosing you invoke your free will, but you may not realize that you are always choosing. At all times, in every moment, at every junction – you are choosing. You are in charge of your destiny, your purpose, your path. All of it is up to you.

Sure we will guide you and assist in making the path easier for You Are The Blessing!you, when you ask or choose to ask for our guidance, love and support. But we will not and cannot tell you what path to take, what choice to make or which direction to go in. Instead we can be forceful in asking you to consider other options, to peruse other choices or to open your eyes to see more is possible than you were aware of. But at the beginning and end of each day – you are the authority of yourself, given the right to free will. Which means you get to choose. Choose the same as yesterday? Choose something new for today?

So, how are you the blessing – because you get to choose how to show up in the world, how you will treat yourself, how you will treat others. Will you choose love? Will you choose fear? Will you choose hatred, bigotry or judgment? Will you choose compassion, understanding and kindness?

What will you choose?Choices

Despite the desire many humans have for those choices to be made for you, the reality is you are the blessing and you get to choose for yourself. Choose love, choose compassion, choose understanding, and then you will be able to choose wisdom. Each choice leads to another choice, and when you discover you do not like the path you are on, once again you can choose a new one, choose a different course of action, choose a different direction. The choices are always yours.

Now can you see – you are the blessing? It’s not outside you, it’s always been inside you! YOU ARE THE BLESSING precious one. And you are loved for all your choices, all which are guiding and leading you on your path to the next step. Embrace the choices you have made so you can trust in yourself to make excellent choices ahead. They are all part of the journey.

Redirection, U-Turn???When you take a road trip, if you discover yourself lost – it is time for redirection, new directions, and sometimes turning around is required. But you know the destination so you can easily navigate in a new way – allow that same understanding of life’s u-turns. There is no need for guilt, punishment or other negativity.

Choose again, choose to apologize, choose a new way forward and learn from the wrong directions, so you don’t make the same choice to travel the road that led in a direction you did not want to go again. With our deepest love, always we are with you.


Spirit’s Call to Action

Our prayers for Humanity and Truth are so essential at this time because we are asking you to actively choose to invoke your free will for the betterment of all. Choose one of the previous three to actively practice daily. The world needs your positive energy and so do you!

They are reposted below from previous blog posts:


A Prayer of Truth: Let The True You Shine

From Humanity You Are The World

“I open my heart, my mind and my soul to serve as a Steward for Humanity.Truth: YOU

I stand for the Divinity, Purity and Truth of the Soul inside every human being.

As I open to respect, accept and honor myself and others even more deeply, I anchor the reality of this on a global level that all humans may respect, accept and honor each other.

I willingly serve Humanity as a beacon of Truth in my words, actions and deeds.

Spirit, guide me to heal the pain inside myself to reveal the next layer of TRUTH beneath the pain where the beauty, kindness, and integrity of self is residing.

Spirit, guide me to live my truest and fullest potential. Show me the highest potential for Humanity and guide me to be of service to become this new reality.

As I embrace the TRUE Beauty of LOVE within myself at my core, I allow myself to walk, talk and become the living embodiment of Pure Love.

I allow myself to see the world through Spirit’s loving eyes, as a Steward for Humanity.

I allow myself to be a force to fuel kindness, compassion, understanding and harmony.

Spirit I ask you to support me so that the capacity of my force is the might of 1 million people that I may serve as a Steward for Humanity by becoming the living embodiment of what we are all capable of.

And so it is. And so it is done.

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From Spirit’s Perspective on Human Willingness:

Human Willingness“I am an open and willing vessel to allow the purity, kindness, dignity and respect of myself to deepen, expand and open in ways that only Spirit knows is possible. I allow myself to be more than I was yesterday and more than I ever imagined I was capable of being.”

This whole process can be done in under 1 minute if you are in a rush. It does not have to take a long time to be powerful and potent. But allowing it to happen is the essential part.

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