Open For Business

Spirit’s Setting Up Shop

Yes, that’s right! Spirit is setting up shop. Ok, so to humans that means we are creating a one-stop place you can drop in for the latest and greatest when you need it. Well, while that is true in the larger perspective, what is more true when we say it – is this: Spirit is setting up specific times for you to stop, drop and roll.

“Wait, stop, drop and roll? That’s what humans do in a fire?”

Ok, here’s the problem with humans…you want to take things so literal that you forget to laugh at yourselves, to smile in the face of challenges and more importantly to open your eyes to see – the shop is always Shopping Bagopen.

Sure in human terms a store must be open for you to enter and visit. Or you can go online for 24/7 shopping – no concrete and mortar – no need for a person to intervene. That is unless you have a problem and need customer service!? Then, you are out of luck if it’s the middle of the night and your online store does not have 24 hour customer support.

So, from our vantage point as non-terrestrial and non-physical beings – here’s what you don’t typically take into account…we don’t have bodies. We don’t need sleep. We don’t need food. We don’t need hugs, affection or reassurance. We function in a constant state of love. Pure. Unconditional. LOVE. Unfettered. Undistorted. Clear. Crystal Clear. Undiluted.

Where time does not exist. Um…let us say that again, where time does not exist. Time is a human construct, measured Moon Phasesby the revolutions of the earth around the sun. Months, days, years, hours, minutes, seconds. All constructed by humans to keep track of what? We don’t really understand because it appears time, which does not even really exist creates an enormous amount of stress for humans.

Today, we are setting up shop as a reminder that we have always been here – always available, always present, always ready. But you’ve got to ask. That’s all you have to do, is ask for guidance, assistance, clarity.


Three little letters, that carry the weight of enormous proportions, but don’t ask and you get no answers.

What Does Our Shop Look Like?

Our shop looks like this – the clouds which move, ebb and flow constantly changing form. Moving with the pace of the wind, to and fro. CloudsNot ever stagnant, still or stationary. Our shop is not in one single location it is in every single location. Always. At all times. It looks like the night sky which allows the brilliance of the multitude of stars to shine, illuminated and beautiful. Our shop has no brick and mortar, no solid walls, and no direct website link.

The direct connection is already inside you. Your soul is your direct access, the key to link you with the source of all that is. The store you are looking for looks just like you – all you have to do is look in the mirror to see what we would look like in form. If we were in a physical body, we could look just like you, or we could look unlike you. Either way, it is the reflection of yourself that frightens you the most because that is where the perception is most out of sync with Truth.

Our shop is set up, our store is open 24/7. All you have to do is ASK, then, listen to the guidance provided. Because it will be there – we already are. The only challenge is we are waiting for your call to allow us to share our love, grace and wisdom with you. Just like those brick and mortar stores which need people to frequent them to stay in business – too many of us are unemployed.