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Hi! C’mon in, I’m Christi. It’s a pleasure to meet you!!

I founded Christi International to provide a safe place for self-advancement. Where you would be welcomed, accepted and feel comfortable to develop yourself. We’re all capable of so much more than than we’re aware of, myself included. In fact, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m continually surpassing my own limitations. That’s why I’m so passionate about educating others. I know all too intimately just how limited we can perceive ourselves.

Truth. Upfront and Center. Ready? I’m going all in. And ripping off the band-aid.

You’ve got blindspots. 

They’re affecting how you function.

Since they’re blindspots you don’t know how you’re being impacted. 

Or how you’re impacting others.

You’re doing the absolute best you can with what you know. But when there’s a better and easier way there’s no need to struggle.

use my ability to speak soul to identify problems you can’t see. When your clutter’s blocking the Truth but you don’t know it, you’ll need a spotlight of clarity to illuminate the situation. The services offered here provide the clarity you need to experience emotional freedom and mental clarity to reconnect with your soul. I was born with a deep soul connection and that powerful innate wisdom guides me so I can help you help yourself. 

It’s not about anything woo woo, it’s about tapping into an innate part that’s wiser than our life experiences. That knowledge serves as a guide to create more good in the world, be a better self, and have clarity that’s hidden behind blindspots.

As an Intuitive Powerhouse. I see the best in you. And immediately know where you’re out of integrity with yourself. Think Supersonic Blindspot Detector at your service. While I cover a lot of territory, my core focus is to create a solid foundation so you can become YOU Magnified. That’s where the real magic happens, because once you get to experience the good in you, you’ll understand it’s an ongoing process of integrating the wisdom of your soul with your mind. Your potential is infinite, so I’ll always encourage you to keep learning, it’s where the brilliance of you illuminates beyond your wildest imagination.

C’mon let’s get started! You need access to your soul to become the best you.


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3. Discover Your Soul’s Path of Service

We offer powerful programs and classes to help you develop your Soul and live your Soul’s Path of Service.

Soul Development Programs

Our in-depth Soul Development Programs are truly the heart of our teachings at Christi International. Through intensive and supportive education and tools,  you’ll learn how to clear out your clogged intuitive pipes. Then, discover direct access to the infinite wisdom of your own soul. And continue the journey of your own Soul Development. It’s a fun life-long commitment to yourself. We get to be part of the fun in sharing that path together!

Strategic Soul Development Consultations

Strategic Consultations are potent, so you’ve got to be ready. We’ll meet one-to-one. Get straight to the point. Reveal blindspots. Discuss what you’ll need to avoid in the future. Strategize a plan to achieve your goal. And you’ll get tools to practice after our session. Learn more.


4. Become A Steward For Humanity

We’re spear-heading a collective effort to create a better tomorrow today! Together we share a vision of a world where every human being is valued, respected & accepted.

United we are pioneering the way forward to turn our vision into reality. Each of us focusing on one piece of a giant puzzle through meditation, visualization, energy healing, prayer, etc. While actively practicing the art of becoming examples for innovative  paradigms that support ALL of Humanity.

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