Steward For Humanity

Steward for Humanity

With all the energetic chaos going on our planet at this time, we asked how to be of service using our skills to their optimal capacity. We are going to be creating an energy matrix to exceed and expand the energies currently embedded on our planet. It’s a big job that requires your help!!

Open Hearts for HumanityOur starting point is 50 people who are willing to serve as Stewards for Humanity. But it’s a tall order – you will be facing your own internal distortions in perception in order to clear out and make room for the purest energies available to us…think current paradigm is 4th dimensional energies and we are opening to be models for 9th dimensional frequencies and behavior patterns.

The collective energy of our planet is currently rooted in fear, war and other distortions that are too prevalent. ON the flip side this makes our work essential now, because the opportunity for change is ripe!!

We are reaching out directly to the people who can be of service for ALL because of your open hearts, pure souls as well as your natural gifts and abilities.

Everyone who is willing to participate is going to be given a different part of the energy matrix to infuse, illuminate and direct attention.

What Does Being A Steward Entail?

Steward for HumanityIt would entail 10 minutes of daily focus on the areas assigned to you. Using your own gifts, you will be guided by your own soul, intuition and guidance about how to do it.

And actively embodying that energy in your daily living to the best of your ability through your interactions with others as well as yourself.


Will You Be A Steward for Humanity?

Are you willing to participate as a Steward for Humanity in this capacity? If so, please let us know and will we provide you with your puzzle piece where your abilities are needed most.

Comment below, email Christi@ChristiInternational.com, call or text 267.263.2747

If you know someone who would be interested in participating, please pass along the information.

Together we can create a powerful effect for the betterment of ALL!

39 Responses to “Steward for Humanity”

  1. I would be honored to be a steward for humanity

    • Hi Lisa, It’s an honor to have your participation. Your vibration is very gentle…can you be a Steward for Children, holding energy for the children of the world that the love, guidance and support they need is available for them?

  2. I think it’s a powerful idea!
    I would love to do what I can to help.


    • Hi Joanne, So glad to have you on board. Can you be a Steward for Truth? We need several people to anchor the energy for Truth, to spread it all over the planet and to open for it to be received. This is a tough one…it’s going to challenge you daily. Are you ok with a challenge?

  3. I would love to help……please tell me how!

    Karis Hollenbeck January 29th, 17 at 9:36pm
    • Awesome! Thank you Karis, we are so glad to have your help! Would you be the Steward for Openness? We need energy focused on the globe for opening to move beyond our current paradigms. For BRAND NEW experiences to be acceptable.

  4. I would love to help!!!!

    • Fabulous! Glad to have your help Bob. Will you be the Steward for Child Soldiers. Sending healing energy to all the child soldiers in the world that they may be free from all oppression. Their hearts open, their souls heal, and their minds are able to understand co-existence.

  5. It is an honor to be of service. How may I help?

    • We are honored for your willingness to be of service! Will you be the Steward for Honor? As you know there are many layers to honor – self, others, spirit, nature, etc. Spirit shows your ability to infuse the matrix is essential for global leadership and that you know what to do. So grateful for your participation!

  6. I am willing to be of service.

    • Fabulous! So glad to have you on board Kate. Will you be the Steward for Patience? Infusing the energy matrix and mass consciousness with the demonstration of patience and understanding toward oneself and others.

  7. Yes! Sign me up! Let me know how I can assist.

    • Awesome! Thanks for volunteering to participate! Will you be a Steward for Congress and Governing Systems to honor, respect and value ALL people? Think total paradigm change, healing the energy to allow a transformation toward honor, respect and protection for ALL. Praying over and holding the energy for Congress and governing systems across the entire globe as well as off planet. On a personal level, it will require deepening acceptance of your own value, respect and honor for self in areas that include “rules”.

  8. Please Assign me as a steward. Thank you for doing this wonderful work.

    • Fabulous! Thanks for requesting an assignment! Will you be a Steward for Interpersonal Respect? Holding the energy for all people to be respectful in their interactions with each other and sending healing energy to the globe where disrespect has predominated. Keep in mind there is a personal element to all Stewardships that is directly calling on us to expand our own capacity to anchor energies that are beyond what we can presently fathom. So, this also means you will be given opportunities to stretch your muscles too.

      • Yes, I will be a stewart for Interpersonal Respect
        I googled it..
        Definition: Interpersonal Relations and Respect involves dealing with people in a respectful and sensitive manner. It implies truly listening, understanding, accepting and respecting the opinions, feelings, perspectives and motivations of others.

        extreme interpersonal respect. They treat each person they interact with as valuable, and worthy of a gracious response. They occasionally disagree with someone in the room, sometimes strongly, but it’s never a personal slight, a dogmatic claim, or a disrespectful tone.

        • Awesome!!! We sure have a powerhouse of energy in motion!! Thanks for taking on your Stewardship!!

  9. Hi, I would love to be involved and be assigned as a steward. Thanks

    Judy Cohen

    • Hi Judy! Excellent! Will you be a Steward for Opening Potential? Holding the energy for humanity to open to miraculous potential beyond what the mind can imagine. Imagining and visualizing a world that currently appears outside the scope of reach…but it’s NOT!! Feel into this because it is going to expand you into potential you didn’t know you were even capable of…so I want to be sure the personal elements of this Stewardship resonate with you. Every Stewardship is stretching us to carry and embody the energies that are needed to anchor higher dimensional frequencies.

  10. This is fabulous and the general focal point of the meetups that I facilitate on Thursdays at Pebble Hill called STAR. Maybe you would be interested in cofacilitating a meetup or making this opportunity available to the members of this group?

    • Thanks for offering an opportunity to co-faciltate a meet-up! If I didn’t have an ongoing class I facilitate on Thursdays I’d love to take you up on the offer. It would be fabulous to get the members of your group involved! Perhaps you can send me a list of their names privately so each person who is interested can be given a Stewardship?

  11. Love this idea! I could feel my hand raise as I was reading, as though my soul was saying “yes, please, count me in!”

    • Awesome! Blessed to have your participation. Will you be a Steward for Co-Existence? It’s going to stretch you on a personal note to understand a new dimensional energy that is not yet present on earth…which means your daily 10 minutes will need to embody this energy as physically as possible. And your daily interactions will open opportunities for this expression. It’s a BIG ONE!

      • So I looked up the definition for coexistence just to see what it said. And it talked about harmony…which is my total buzz word. Several months ago I identified harmony as my highest personal value. I burst out laughing! Of course this is what I am assigned!! 🙂

  12. YES, love in action, I’m in! Thank you for initiating this powerful extension of love, “two or more”.

    SUSAN DELORENZO January 31st, 17 at 9:19pm
    • Excellent! So grateful for your participation! Will you be the Steward of Grace? Holding energy for the receipt and acceptance of Grace, that the Grace of God/Spirit guides all of Humanity to be our best collective selves and our optimal individual selves. That together our future is one where Grace is a normal part of daily living. On the personal side this is going to stretch you to embody the energy of Grace in ways unexpected since all Stewards are allowing themselves to bring energies to earth that are not presently activated.

  13. Hi, Christi, I would be most honored to participate and be of service as a Steward for Humanity.

    • Great! Thanks for your service to Humanity! Will you be a Steward for Compassion? Compassion for self, others and all living beings. That each person is worthy, valuable and deserves compassion for any pain they may carry. Imagine that all pain is gently being softened with Humanity so that compassion can take root within the hearts, minds and souls of all people.

      Keep in mind the personal aspect of this will stretch your ability to be compassionate and have compassion in expanded ways. Each Steward is being given the opportunity to embody the energy of their Stewardship to be a living example of it.

      • Christi,
        Thank you so much for this mission. Yes, I accept! Compassion holds a special place in my heart so I am very grateful and happy to work with this energy. Looking forward to the adventures awaiting!

  14. What a beautiful idea! Please count me in!

    • So grateful for your participation!

      Will you be a Steward for Trust in the Process of Life? Holding the energy for all of Humanity to Trust in the process of life. That we are moving toward a positive reality that surpasses anything which currently exists. Trust in the transition toward getting there and anything else you are guided is needed with regard to Trust.

  15. I feel Blessed and honered ro be part of tthis energetic connection