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Stewards for Humanity Update!

Thanks to our growing network of Stewards the energy matrix is growing exponentially. It’s very humbling to have surpassed our first 2 goals so quickly!

Phase #1 – Assign 50 Individual Stewardships

We exceeded that goal, with more people joining everyday!

Phase #2 – One Group of 25 people

We doubled that goal with 2 elementary school classrooms participating!! With more discussions underway…


Now We Enter Phase #3…

Phase #3 – 55 Energy Healers Needed For US State Stewardships

Each energy healer will be assigned one state within the United States to focus on. The word state has multiple dimensions:

  1. The state as in the location – NJ, PA, NY, etc.
  2. The current state of the energy – the problematic energy that is trapped or stuck.
  3. The purified state of the energy – the transformation.

For example, in the state of Pennsylvania the energy of oppression is in need of healing so that freedom and independence can flow freely. Whereas, in Delaware the energy of hopelessness needs healing so that joy takes it’s place.

As energy healers we know our own growth, healing and development is always part of our work – it easily reveals our own blindspots and naturally stretches us! So of course, there will be a corresponding personal link to the energies of the state which each healer is assigned.

What Does Being A Steward Entail?

There’s 2 tasks for each Steward:

  1. 10 minutes daily sending healing energy to your assigned state.
  2. Receiving the healing for yourself to become a living embodiment of the transformed energy.

It’s a win-win-win, everyone benefits!

Creating A New Paradigm

As we continue to build and grow this collective energy matrix – it’s essential that each of us does the best we can to embody the expanded energies. Becoming living, breathing examples – turns the new paradigm concepts from potential into reality.

Together we are literally becoming the change so that our world is one we love living in. Stretching into these new paradigms is an exciting adventure!

Thanks for being an instrumental part of it all!

Sign Up for a Stewardship

Everyone is essential! This is our world to change, there’s a task for everyone!!!

Not an energy healer but want to participate? Just tell Christi you want an individual Stewardship not a state.

Contact Christi to receive your Stewardship

Comment below, Email Christi@ChristiInternational.com, Call or text 267-263-2747

Spread The Word!

Know someone interested in participating? Have them to contact us!

Together we can create a powerful effect for the betterment of ALL!

4 Responses to “Stewards for Humanity Update!”

  1. I am on board for phase #3. During my meditation time this morning the state of Wyoming kept coming to me so I stayed with it. Kind of interesting as the word itself was showing me : “Why Oming?” Why not! 🙂 So the vibration of Om was stepped into and filled the state of Wyoming…a smile.

  2. I am more than humbled to have been chosen to assist to heal the energies of the state of PA….this past year I have been asking for Freedom in my meditations, so of course how synchronistic. Those of us that live in this great state have some aspect of the oppression energy and it will be my honor to assist everyone to release it.
    With Love & Gratitude

    • Awesome! Thank you so very much for your service to Humanity! We are so grateful for your willingness to participate.