Support Is Always There For You

Divine SupportSupport is always there for us – the challenge we have isn’t so much wanting the support as much as recognizing what we are choosing as support. All too often our “supportive behaviors” are actually harming us more than anything else. Yet, they feel so familiar, so uncomfortably comfortable that we tend not to recognize when we are defining support through a filter of pain.

The support of spirit, the plethora of angels, nature beings and even human beings is with us at all times. But instead of running right into it — that graceful loving support — with open arms, to receive a full embrace, many people tend to run smack into pain, harm or some other negative experience.

Take a few moments for one day just to observe:
♥ How do I accept support?
♥ Am I embracing it or am I pushing it away?

We live in such a loving universe, the beauty of support is always with us, it is simply up to each of us individually to accept it. Until we become aware of where and when we push that support away, we can’t make any changes to accept it.

Pat yourself on the back for the places you discover you are accepting support and lovingly encourage yourself to open to receiving it in the places you become aware – you were unknowingly pushing it away.