I feel so grateful to have worked with you over the years. Every process or exercise I’ve done with you has helped to peel away the layers and heal my emotional self, mind, and spirit. You so patiently, gently, and lovingly explained how the events from the past have a deeper impact on my life than I never knew. You untangled the misconceptions and origins of the false beliefs that negatively impacted my life.

In a recent session, you got to the root of an issue going back to my birth. You unraveled the negative belief I carried since that time which limited me profoundly. I felt my soul finally inhabit my body fully. That was so powerful!!! Now I feel more present, aware, intuitive, confident, and accepting of who I really am.

In another session, you enabled me to uncover the reason for an eating disorder. Even though I’m fully aware of my healthy nutritional requirements, I was sabotaging myself by overeating. Now I feel I have the authority to make healthy choices without being influenced by misconceptions I carried from my past. With this awareness, I’m no longer unconsciously controlled by distorted decisions I made which no longer serve my highest good.

Thank you so much! You are helping me to redirect my life toward greater happiness and fulfillment.

Thank you for your passionate dedication to those who seek guidance and support from Spirit through you.  I am consistently amazed with your level of trust in the information you receive and your bravery in sharing the information with wisdom and grace and seemingly fearless empowerment.

I have always been committed to self healing and your assistance has enabled me to advance quicker than I would have on my own.  The quantum leaps are eternally appreciated! Time is precious and I can see and feel my true light getting brighter and brighter!

The Unearthing U™ gave me an understanding exactly how life experiences molded me and my thoughts. To know myself is to love and forgive myself, this gave me an understanding and acceptance of others. I learned a way of healing that I have been searching for, and that has changed my life.

Christi and Pete’s classes are amazing! When you finish one of their classes you want to continue on to another. It has been a positive experience and the classes I cannot say enough about them. These two are both beautiful inside and out.

I highly recommend the Unearthing U™ Series! It has been such a blessing and helped me move obstacles that I didn’t even realize were there. I’m a changed person because of this class and couldn’t be more thrilled about it!

Christi has a kind and gentle way of helping us dig deep to the very core of the problem and helping us see and understand it for what it is and then teaching us how to shed and heal old wounds.

I have much more self-confidence and I actually love and accept myself. Embracing the person that I am not has been very powerful and life changing for me because I was always beating myself up for the things I am not. I need not be ashamed to ask someone else who has those abilities to help me.  My relationship with my children has become much better.

This class is only for those who are serious and committed to their personal growth and willing to change their thinking.

I am encouraged by your willingness to embrace and teach what you have learned in your life experiences (as well as the guidance of the guides) in a real way.  There are no egos here, just genuine love.  You are not there to change anyone, you are there for us to discover ourselves and to rewrite a new slate by letting go of the negative emotions and experiences.  You also help us to embrace those negative experiences as part of who we are and we become grateful for those experiences.  One thing I appreciate so much is that unlike most main stream social work or psychologists, you do not encourage people to stay in the victim mode for the rest of their lives.  You help us get past that and you help us to turn around negatives into positives.  Before I could only see the negative in my parents, now I can embrace and see their positive sides.  Also one powerful experience was to learn that my view of all that has happened in my life has been seen through the lenses of that experience when I was three months old.  That is a powerful and life altering understanding.

I had learned much in the once a month classes and they led me to be able to embrace the Unearthing Class.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have been part of both.

I view myself and people, as ships. If we get a hole and are in need of repair. We can just shut that iron safety door and keep the problem in one compartment, and keep the ship from sinking. If too many compartments flood. If too many doors shut. We sink. You have helped me open doors. You have helped me to create new thinking patterns.  I recommend you because I know you will do the same for all who come.

I have never had anyone piece things together the way you did during that class session!!  It is helpful in ways beyond what words can express. I can say that deep feelings of dread are lifted. Thank you so very much!!!!

Thank you so much Christi & Pete. You’ve helped me change my life and the lives of everyone I love around me. And I really hope you are both are open to receiving that as much as possible because you are amazing people who are amazing at what you do! Thank you. I really hold a lot of love in the space you helped me create for myself. Love always,

Through the years, I have been assisting people in their personal healing. When it comes to my own self-healing there are times that life just seems to stand still, and my answers are not revealed. In Christi’s terminology “I am unable to detect my own blindspots.” Through Christi’s unique way of connecting to my soul, she is always able to give me clarity by bringing my truth forward whether it be by presenting my past, present & future which helps me understand where I want to be in the now.  Thank you, Christi, for being the beautiful, shining light that get’s me back on the patch that was intended for me from the beginning. Much Love, XO

Unearthing yields such extraordinary benefits that even years of the best psychotherapy cannot be compared to it.  Consider the word “unearthing”, as in digging deep beneath the surface and ultimately finding a precious jewel.  If you are willing to trust and commit to the process, the precious jewel you will unearth is you.

It is a healing, transformative experience that is genuinely life changing.  That is not to say that it is necessarily easy, but it is by far the most worthwhile and rewarding investment I have ever made in myself.

Moving forward, the experiences of my life grow richer and more meaningful and I can see clearly how they are tied directly to my own unearthing.

Thank you so very much for hearing my soul. The gratitude I have in my heart for you and the work you do is immense and words do not seem to do it justice. I am welcoming the process of this very needed expansive change!

You are very skilled at understanding my pain. You saved my life!

Just wanted to send a HUGE thanks to Christi. I know that value and worth mean the same thing (logically. Lol) but I had an emotional connection with the word “worthy”. Thank you for pushing it. I was told I was unworthy of love, etc when I was a child and carried a lingering thought of this into adulthood. You gave me an “a ha” moment and tools to help me get unstuck from that place. My deepest gratitude!

I attended one of Christi’s classes at Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center. She made me aware of issues I was carrying from childhood, helped me understand them and in turn let them go. It changed my life and I immediately felt a weight lifted. She did it in a fun and loving group setting and I am very thankful for her help. I would highly recommend working with Christi, she is amazing!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you (Christi) and my guides. Yesterday was the first day of a new journey for my future. You clarified everything that has so greatly suppressed me for many, many years. I can not explain the feeling I had waking up this morning. As simple as waking up with a smile, feeling confidence in myself and most of all Love. I have always loved my wife and children more than anything, But today it was a little different. I felt love for myself for the first time which is something I have never truly felt since I was born.

Thank you for your reading. It was so clear, to the point and extreeeeeemly helpful. I keep listening to the tape so I can absorb it all and remember it all in my day-to-day activities.

Christi was terrific in helping me with an emotional block that kept me from my progressing on my spiritual path. I had been trying to unblock this for a long time.

Everyday I feel the fullness of me and then love me. Choices give me freedom to create my incredible life with only a hint of old ways. I see evidence of joy, happiness, and love wherever I go. Christi and The Guides have facilitated me in knowing the greatness in me. From this moment, I can live my best life.

I have listened to the recording of our session two times since I saw you.  I have never had anyone piece things together the way you did during that session!!  It is helpful in ways beyond what words can express.  I can say that the deep feelings of dread are lifted.  Just wanted to write to say, thank you so very much!!!

I know I have made great progress with the help of you and the Guides.  It is wonderful to be more free from the bondage of my earlier teachings.  I wish that freedom for everyone.  Again, thank you for saying, “YES!” to your special gift.

Thank you for today!! I sat there in Harleysville thinking how I stumbled upon your class in the morning on the computer, it practically fell in my lap! I experienced a deep healing on an issue I have worked on for a long time. It never occurred to me I didn’t think I deserved happy, healthy, strong, well-adjusted, successful children!! A word that also came to me was they are “whole.” I saw them as ALL That! And FELT our family as united and happy, fun, loyal and loving – “whole.” I feel like it’s part of my soul now.

I had many confirmations while you were speaking, things I was just thinking, that I had just visualized and you said. I am absolutely in a huge transition in my life as you said and will schedule with you to hear the clear advice of your guides and mine.

With love, light, gratitude and hope for the future,

Thank you so so much, and a big shout out to the guides too, of course! I feel like I can breathe again, I just unloaded 500lbs of rocks out of my soul 🙂

Thank you for a compassionate and powerful session this afternoon. There was so much information provided to me, it will take quite a while to absorb it. I feel very blessed and grateful for your gifts and generosity with me today. I felt very safe and cared for with you. I am feeling as though many of the puzzle pieces of my life have been disassembled and re-arranged for me to heal at a much deeper level. My prayers are being answered in many ways. Thank you. Blessings to you in all ways and always.

Prior to being invited by a friend to attend The Night of Unearthing class, the extent of my self examination or work on myself, was limited to personal therapy sessions, motivational books and seminars. I was skeptical but simply figured that I had nothing to lose other than a few hours of time and it was something different. Different had helped me in the past, so why not?

All I had was an inquisitive desire to try different things to improve my happiness and quality of life.

Right away Christi made me feel very comfortable. The intimate small group setting promoted an environment that set me at ease to relax and take in what was going on without pressure. The benefits I have received from attending this class each month have been immediate, ever expanding and perpetual.

This class is about self awareness, in seeing yourself and others in a more accurate light; having a better understanding of why we feel and react a certain way on important subjects such as family, friends, work and finances.

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Not only does Christi provide you with the teaching and tools to fish forever, she provides you with a spotlight to see the fish.

The quality of life I enjoy today personally, physically, mentally and financially has improved dramatically in the past year since participating in this class. I can say without hesitation that this class  is one of the biggest contributing factors.

My husband and I had a great experience as a couple with Christi. Christi helped us pinpoint things from the past (from our family tree – she went way back) that were holding us back, which we didn’t realize was happening, and what we needed to do to heal ourselves, at a personal level. Experiencing this together was enlightening, extremely helpful and brought us closer together as a couple! I highly recommend Christi as a way to better yourself and your relationship. She is amazing, you will love her; we do!

For the past two years I have been attending Christi’s monthly Night of Unearthing Class. During that time I have grown to understand and accept who I really am. What my family and peers told me about myself, verbally or by their actions, was not true. Their words or actions were based on their own internal issues. I no longer had to believe what they told me about myself. One time I came to class after experiencing a period of depression. I felt a failure; that I had gone backward in my personal growth. Christi told me it was the exact opposite.  I was just peeling away another layer in my quest to the real me.

Regularly I would come to class in the midst of struggling with an internal issue only to discover the topic that night was that issue.  Christi teaches and communicates by the messages and guidance of her spirit guides and master teachers. While the theme may be on one topic, the guides address how it affects each individual in the class and offer guidance and insight to each class member.

Christi’s Unearthing Class is for those who are committed to advancing their personal and spiritual growth.  It is for those who are ready to face and accept the “inner demons” that hold them back from being who they are. It offers understanding, love and acceptance and a space were we can grow together.

Spirit has indeed led me into a very exciting phase of my life. Things are happening that I couldn’t possibly have coordinated. I feel that this was in no small way facilitated by your loving guidance. I thank you for following your guidance that day we met and for the enormous gift you gave me. I believe some major clearing took place allowing Spirit to come pouring through. I just wanted to say thank you… both to you and to me… for showing up. You’re the best.

Thank you so much. Hearing what my guides had to say opened my eyes up to a whole new life. I need to realize that I am allowed to be happy even if others around me are not. I truly know I am blessed. I just have a hard time accepting happiness without somehow feeling guilty. Thank you for giving me the tools to try to make a change in my life.

I have had the opportunity to have readings from many different people who work on the spiritual level. I must say that my session with Christi was the first time I truly felt awed to experience such a gift. Christi was spot on with my issues, offered incredible insight and truly was a blessing to me. I would strongly encourage anyone who has the desire to experience Spirit firsthand to schedule a session with her. She is delightful!

I have no words with which to express the depth and breadth of my thank you to Christi for her sensitive, persistent listening and Truth speaking that heals and frees.