The Beauty Of Your Uniqueness

UniqueYou are different. Yes, you are different.

Try saying this out loud to yourself, “I am different. (insert your name) you are different.”

Notice how you feel as you acknowledge you are different.

Now, try the same exercise, only replace different with “one-of-a-kind.” Did you experience the same feelings with the second exercise?

Last month, the Masters of Light focused on teaching that we tend to berate ourselves for being different without recognizing the beauty of our uniqueness. Each person naturally embodies different talents, skills and aptitudes that enhance the quality of life — of being human. So long as each person is willing to see those traits for the gift they are.

Each person has their own unique quirks, those special attributes that you may have learned were not the best qualities you could own. Through human experience you may want to dissociate from those skills, but the truth is you need those parts of yourself. You need to claim and own them so you can reach your potential and share those skills with others.

Electricians offer very valuable services. However, if you were trying to build a home with only a group of electricians your home would be lacking in other vital areas — like the foundation, which would ensure the stability of your home.

Good lighting is important, but so is good plumbing, sound structure, comfortable climate control through heating/air conditioning, solid walls, proper roofing, etc. A combination of all these skills, among others, would create an amazing home that you would want to share with others. When you allow yourselves to focus on what you bring to the table, you will discover life is more rewarding for yourself.

Through sharing your talent, you can receive appreciation and gratitude. Hiding it creates a completely different experience.

To discover your unique traits that are beneficial, which you currently may perceive as otherwise, you need to gain awareness.

Tool: Begin by practicing these simple steps:
1. Notice what you do that requires very little effort for you.
2. Notice how other people comment about this skill or trait you have.
3. Begin to observe the value of it through the eyes of someone else you share this ability with.

Step by step, you will begin to understand with more clarity your own natural, unique and one-of-a-kind traits.