The Burst Of LIGHT Begins

The Burst of Light…What Follows Next?

The Burst Of Light Begins…and the ‘not love’ is revealed. The only way that healing can occur is to recognize the ‘not love’ for what it is. 

What is the ‘not love’? It is pain, heartache, heartbreak, intolerance where tolerance is needed. The ‘not love’ is hopelessness, despair, and victimhood.

The Burst of Light shines the way, illuminates the path to follow toward triumphant endeavors and asks to put out the fires of hate. To determine that love, kindness, gentleness and faith are essential to rely on the clarity of purpose. The drive within to be at peace with oneself, to reach a new knowing of one’s purpose and to desire fulfillment in new ways.

Light Guides The WayThe Burst of Light asks everyone to be willing to follow the path of the unknown to remove deceit, lies and other previous normal atrocities so that manipulation by others and oneself ceases. So that Truth, Purity and Love can take root.

It is time Dearest Hearts to be willing to allow the love within you to shine, sparkle and be seen for all that you have to share. Not to teach, train or preach but to educate through being, through action and most importantly as an example for oneself. That is the path at this time – to be the living embodiment of the Christ Consciousness – the Love Consciousness – the Unity Consciousness – Buddha Consciousness – the way of the Upanishads. Call it what you choose, but know the core Truth is the same. The name differs and the ideas are slightly modified. Yet the central goal is the same.

This is where all must be willing to embrace Self. So the energy of the self emanates and ripples. So that the solidity of pure love is anchored within Ripple Effectand can easily create waves of pure love everywhere you are. The goal is not to teach, but to be the living embodiment and example of the purity of love everywhere you are.




One Simple Daily Practice Is This:

  • Actively choose to Love. Begin with one act of love daily.
  • Then two daily acts of pure love.
  • Move to three daily acts of pure love and truth and then continue with three until you feel the energy becoming a natural part of you in a larger way.

The key however is not to choose the easy places to love others and self, but to actively choose to love through challenges, difficulties and trials. And to keep at it.


With Deepest Love, Grace and Heartfelt Hugs,

We Are With You Always

And so it is.

6 Responses to “The Burst of Light…What Follows Next?”

  1. I feel the love of this inspiring message and truly appreciate it fully… No buts about it… This is the way
    Very helful reminder… Thank You Loves!

  2. Your message completely resonates with me, but I’m still at the stage where I grasp it intellectually. I’m still feeling some real sadness, fear and anger about the election, but I trust that I’ll move out of these feelings and will eventually move into “being love.”

    • Moving through the emotion is an important part. Allow yourself to feel so you can release the grip of the fear. Spirit says, “know that shedding light on the issues allows the emotional turmoil to move as long as you feel the unrest brewing inside. Then, you will be able to take action accordingly.”

  3. As I read your offering I could feel the immense truth and love interwoven in the words. I could also feel a direct calling, an invitation, to join the Christ Consciousness in living, being and choosing love. I, like Gayle, have been in the “intellectual”stage but am feeling the bursts of Light making it’s way through the cracks/spaces that I am now opening to…it is a process, and I am allowing myself to experience the emotions and thoughts that move in and out of me. So I begin again, begin today to choose love. As I read the Simple daily practice, I could feel myself taking a deep peaceful breath, peace filled my body, my being. Thank You…blessings…grace…love…for all.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Creating room for more love inside is the hard part because it asks us to be willing to let go of hidden or disguised places where ‘not love’ was residing…which can be a very emotional process. Glad to hear Spirit was able to guide you to allow more love in.