The Demise of Negative Energy

The Demise of Negative Energy

Today marks the anniversary of a very precious and dear person’s passing. Oh, wait – you don’t remember who passed? Who went into the ethers and left behind a world in pain?

Oh, right…that was another time line.

Ok. Stop right there. What time line are we working in? Which humans are we communicating with? Who needs our words and messages?

Oh, right…everyone!

Think we’ve gone mad and crazy?! We are actually trying to make a point in a most humorous way but in a way that is not obvious at first glance. To those of you who ever lost someone dear, or who mourned the loss of someone on a world stage – we ask you to remember this – only upon their passing was the fuller value of their life recognized. ONLY then, was the pain of their loss so deep that some of what bothered you in their living years no longer mattered, it was no longer significant.

Instead the gaping hole that was created in your heart because of the absence of this person was the predominant focus. Oh, precious ones. We ask you to pause a moment while your world is in pain, while people are suffering, while there is more chaos than ever before and ask that you are willing for just one single moment open to consider this:

EVERY human life is precious.

Each being that is in a body – whether a human body, an animal body, a tree body – every single life form is valuable. Not because of what it can do – but because of what it is. LIFE.

How each life chooses to express itself is something else all together. You do not have not like the expressions of others, but that does not have to translate into choosing mean, cruel or unkind behavior toward the energy of the life that is present. Too often people focus on the words spoken or not spoken, but there is little focus on the energy present. Energy Seeds

Internalized anger, animosity, hatred, bitterness, spite, all of it is rising to the surface right now. And not for the purpose of breeding more of it, though in many cases that is occurring. Instead, an opening is available for the healing, the releasing and especially the ability to transform, understand and accept the pain for what it is. PAIN





Negatively Charged


It hurts, it feels agonizing, it is devastating. Yes, pain is all of these things, Energy Gearsbut the energy of it is the most brutal part because like a well-oiled machine, the energy of the gears is set in motion in a negative spin and without salve for the energy -there is no obvious solution to switch gears.

For this reason, and this reason alone – we began with humor, and with a reminder that the permanence of death brings life into perspective.

Call To Action

Our call to action this week is simple. Choose the demise of negative energy. DeatPut Out The Fireh means the life inside something is expunged. There is no fuel for it to continue to live.

Choose an end to the hate, bigotry, bias, resentment, bitterness and negativity any of your energy has been carrying. Allow its demise, so that the rebirth of gentle, open, willing, graceful energy can be seeded. The demise of negative energy is essential to allow new energy to be seeded.


The Demise of Negative Energy

Here is how you can do it in 4 simple steps.

  1. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Call on the energy of negativity you are carrying to be present in front of you.
  2. Thank it for serving its purpose. Then, put out the fire. Sense it wither up and perish because it is has used up its life. You will no longer feed or fuel it. So it’s easy for it to become lifeless.
  3. Allow a new seed of energy directly from source – of pure love to fill in the space where there is openness.
  4. Repeat as often as necessary. Catch yourself in the act of trying to fuel any negative energy and put out the fire. Practice accepting the new energy of Pure Love especially because it may feel awkward in its unfamiliarity. CHOOSE TO LET IT IN. AND CONTINUE TO CHOOSE TO LET IT TAKE ROOT inside of you, in your life, and in your experiences.

And so it is.
With Deepest Love, Admiration and Respect,

We Are With You Always.

3 Responses to “The Demise of Negative Energy”

  1. Pain is pain and still with me… And it sucks…. But I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and am working my way slowly there… It will take time.. Lots of it but a journey I must take,
    Keep,me in your thoughts .

    • It certainly takes time to move through pain…a gentle reminder that Spirit is always with us supporting us through our most difficult challenges. I keep you in my prayers all the time…guess it’s not a secret anymore.