Pure Love

Pure Love Manifesto

Pure Love Is:

  • Supportive
  • Unconditional and does not judge
  • Open and receptive to being wrong because its aware of multiple perspectives
  • Gentle when hurt is present
  • A swift kick in the ass when you’re stuck in your own way
  • Protective when stupid shit happens that wasn’t deserved 
  • An eye on the past for healing old wounds
  • A focus on the future and the infinite possibilities of goodness
  • An open heart that’s willing to be accepted, loved, and rewarded
  • An open mind to consider possibilities yet unknown or experienced
  • Access to your Soul

But most of all Pure Love does not cause pain ever. Nor does it punish or seek retribution. 

  • Pure Love’s agenda is to give and receive love. It doesn’t seek to overpower or abuse because it only knows how to share Pure Love.
  • Pure Love is safe, secure, and protective. It avoids harm and conflict because it recognizes how to surpass piggy shit and find better alternatives.
  • Pure Love isn’t jealous or vengeful because it doesn’t cause pain or harm to itself. It acts from a purity that recognizes beauty in all things. With that vantage point pettiness is obvious. 
  • Pure Love is a hand to hold at all times. Sometimes that requires holding your own hand for support, encouragement, or upliftment. 
  • Pure Love honors, respects, and assigns accountability while accepting responsibility for itself because it’s aware its actions, words, and deeds always carry impact.

And above all else Pure Love accepts the Truth that human love is full of imperfections that have nothing to do with love but embody pain. 

Pure Love In The Raw

This Manifesto is the foundation for my ground-breaking On-Going Interactive Lecture Series called Pure Love In The Raw which begins Monday September 23, 2019. I’m Christi Maybo coming to you in the raw as human being working to heal my own wounds while on a quest to discover the infinite possibilities we’re capable of together.

Join me!

Monday evenings to discover this week’s imperfections on the journey to accept Pure Love. Be part of the discussion at my live Pure Love In The Raw events. Find out where we’ll be gathering next, click here.

Lectures will also be posted on YouTube so you won’t miss the conversation if you can’t attend in person.